Epic Thursday with The Intern

I had been planning our epic Thursday since last week and even invited you all to join us in an earlier post. Things were right on schedule until Miss Josie stayed late at work and decided to call it an early night. The first thing on the schedule, which Josie was going to be unable to attend anyway because of work, was a Tweet-up with TheMinty and AKesq at Cole’s French Dip downtown. A.K. is a public defender with a feisty personality and a wicked sense of humor. Our intern, Young Jin, most notorious for his article on eating dog joined us and I am pretty sure that A.K. and her colleague were the best part of his night. They were telling him jokes all night and when he got in my car all he could say was that they were the two coolest lawyers he ever met and that he had no idea that lawyers were so funny. Since I am a foodie first, I was most impressed by not just my french dip but by the mac and cheese there. It was so good and it rivals my other favorites in the city: Cube LA, Magnolia on Lake, and one new place that I will be talking about in an upcoming post. I love the crunch factor on my mac n cheese and Cole’s delivered. They also have a slew of great bartenders and some specialty cocktails.

Young Jin and I had a tight schedule to adhere to and rushed to the Good Luck Bar’s 15th year anniversary party for what I called 10 minutes and 1 drink. We split a $2 beer and ran in to another blogger. I thought I spotted EstarLA from a far but I wasn’t sure and as soon as I told Young Jin that I might know that girl he took off and poked her on the shoulder. He asked if she was a food blogger, what a good intern he is. As soon as she turned I knew it was her and find it hilarious that we now have “people”. He even wrote down his email address intern@uncouthgourmands.com to share with all of his new friends.

The last time I was at roller disco there was quite a line so I was sure that we were there on time. The line this time wasn’t too bad. Enough for Young Jin to have a cigarette and we gave Josie 15 minutes to get in line with us. However, we heard nothing from the lady. It was fine. I had Young Jin and we were both a few drinks in. He told me he hadn’t skated since he was 12 but he bought wristbands and headbands to atleast look the part. I had my own skates and consider myself a roller disco queen. Young Jin rented skates and was amazed that he wasn’t falling, although he was skating like a robot. I kept instructing him to get low, stick his butt out, and move his arms, but he wasn’t having it. He thought that the best plan was to drink more and that would help him skate better. That seemed to be everyone’s plan. Let me just say that a lot of falls were had by not only Young Jin but by other intoxicated skaters. The end of the night became like dodging bullets on the floor. People and drinks were falling but I was laughing and having a great time. This has really become my favorite event in LA and I plan on attending every month.

I heard from my other half, Josie, when I was dropping Young Jin off at home and he had just pronounced quesadilla “kasa-dill-a” I was hysterical. Josie got to laugh with us on speaker phone but it wasn’t the same. Oh well, Young Jin was a great date for the night and filled in perfectly. On my drive home, Josie and I were still chatting and she asked if I was hungry. I told her I last ate at 6 and then she said, “Oh, well, then you must be starving”. That was all of the convincing I needed and I met her at the Ihop in Pasadena for a post midnight snack. She got a philly cheese steak sandwich and onion rings. I had the international passport with my favorite, swedish pancakes. We are constantly on a budget and once again we missed an affordable opportunity, their late night special that is $3.99. When will the UGs learn how to catch a deal?


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