Thanksgiving: Not A Good Day To Be Our Pants

A few selfish things that we are oh so thankful for this year. Here’s our list:

  • To Al Gore for the internet and thus catapulting our popularity.
  • Imported beer & cheap champagne.
  • Helvetica font.
  • The Spork. You give us funny catchphrases: We don’t Spoon. We Spork. Plus, you combine our two favorite utensils.
  • Pasadena: conveniently located near Downtown, Highland Park, and San Gabriel.
  • La Estrella taco truck in Highland Park for keeping it OG and providing substance to our bellies at 2am when the alcohol must be absorbed.
  • A very recent Pastrami Sandwich that has ruined us for all other sandwiches.
  • Our 1060 Twits
  • Our friends on Facebook for enduring our constant linkage and declarations of love to one another.
  • Larry David and Curb for allowing us quotable lines that make us laugh at every meal.
  • Our various dates: the good, the bad, and the ugly. You provide us constant entertainment and trust me, we have nicknames for all of you. Also, if you were nice, you provided us with free meals when our wallets were extra thin.
  • An office space to work out of (ok, less working and more eating) – Thanks, Chuck!
  • A plump and precious swan, I mean turkey, which we plan on devouring this Thursday.
  • I swear we’re like 15-year old boys, but we are thankful for – SEX. It occupies 85% of our thoughts and close to 0% of our nighttime activities.

And in particular, a special thanks to the people who have changed and/or touched our lives this year (in no particular order):

  • Claire Best, our agent and Hollywood confidant
  • Arun and the downtown crew: For introducing us to so many new people and places.
  • My Last Bite: For always being so warm and inviting us into your home – twice! We don’t get invited over twice anywhere.
  • SinoSoul: We’ve now met a different caliber of blogger. We are mere hacks in comparison. Thank you for always allowing us to tag along and constantly shooting it straight.
  • Dawson aka Miss Sauce LA for keeping us in the loop and being our Angeleno know-it-all. We look forward to working with you on upcoming projects.
  • The Delicious: You’re kind of our idol. Thanks for all your advice this year. We want to be you one day!
  • Dan Silberstein of Drink: Eat: Play for so many cool post opportunities  and events.
  • Barrett of MusicUnion for being our business and religious mentor and always providing us a Friday Shabbat dinner.
  • Our interns Young Jin and Wendy from USC. You guys are special to us on so many levels. Drink on, interns (on the UG tab, of course)

What are you thankful for? Please feel free to add to this list, that is, in UG fashion.



  1. you need to add music to your blog – ethnic appropriate for the dish. salsa, mariachi, polka, sabra!!! the faster, the better. next time you have some jerked chicken – rasta….
    start every morning with Blue Man Group “I Feel Love” with Venus Hum. Who knows? You might get laid???
    Let us rejoice and be glad. Hava Nagila.

  2. Jim White,

    You’re nuts, junior. Nuts! I love it. I’ll never get laid. *sigh* How are you?

  3. As always, late to the comment but… hot damn, it’s kinda amazing to be in that particular list. As they used to say in 1994: “I am not worthy”.

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