Downtown Adventure with the Pub Crawl Crew

As the Thanksgiving weekend is coming to an end and reality is creeping in, I find it necessary to reflect on a great and bizarre night that happened last week. Arun, the UG nominated mayor of LA and his friends have become our favorite downtowners and people to have amazing adventures with. Last Saturday was no exception as the gang once again threw a great a night of stops. The last pub crawl they had was the legendary one on the Party Bus so the bar was set very high. Arun is one of the most efficient people I know and the stops and times for the event were as followed:

6:00 PM
Dinner at Clifton’s Cafeteria
NOTE: We’ll likely gather to eat on the 2nd floor.

7:15 PM
Ice Skating at Pershing Square
NOTE: Wear socks. And if you’re really not gonna get on the Blades of Steel, you could cross the street and get a drink at the Gallery Bar in the Biltmore.

8:45 PM
Redwood Bar
NOTE: Wear eyepatch.

10:30 PM
Kut From A Different Cloth Runway Fashion Show
NOTE: Please RVSP!!!

Bonus Round???
The Gorbals
NOTE: Some dude named Ilan from Top Chef’s place and it’s open until 2am. He describes his cooking as “old Jewish food date-raped by bacon.” Yum!

Now, if you are a female and reading this you are most likely terrified by one very important question: WTF do you wear? This became such a big question for me that I made a mess of my closet and was completely unsure. You want to be warm and casual for the cafeteria and skating but yet still fashionable for the fashion show. I dressed down as I was pretty sure I had no interest in the fashion show, plus I had a super busy week and my mellow Friday, the night before, turned in to me driving to the Sunset Strip for a boy. Let’s just say I didn’t get home until 3pm the following day. All of this clothing indecision made me miss the secret party for the lovely Dawson of Sauce LA. Oh well, two hours late for one party means perfectly on time for another.

I had heard of Clifton’s Cafeteria before but  I always imagined it like that cafeteria in NYC that is shown on Sex & the City; very stylish, colorful and hip. Clifton’s is many things but those words it is not. It is quirky, another world, and like nothing you would ever expect to see in LA. It is set up like a camp site with the cafeteria line on the bottom floor, dining on the first and second with the occasional raccoon or bear in sight, and the third floor has red velvet walls and is out of place as just about everyone that walks in. Who belongs in a place like this? No one and everyone. The decor is best for someone with a fly fishing vest but that isn’t seen in Downtown LA. Downtown LA is a melting pot as is this restaurant and it is truly beautiful. The food was reasonably priced but I, as an Uncouth Gourmand, have big problems in cafeteria lines or anywhere where I am responsible for serving myself. My eyes are bigger than my appetite and everything looks like trying. Good for my appetite but bad for my wallet. I ended up eating mushrooms, chicken soup, mac n cheese, 2 servings of enchiladas, and a custard pudding. You should see how much I can grab at a salad bar. Anyway, my bill totaled $13 with a drink. However, I am sure “normal” people can easily get out of there spending less than $10 on dinner.

The food wasn’t awful. I have had better and I have had worse at a variety of cafeterias, from hospitals to schools. One doesn’t go to Clifton’s for the food you go for the experience and what a trip it was. As we were leaving Clifton’s Josie showed up in time for ice skating. Rather than dressing down, my other half, dressed up to the nines. She was wearing a cute dress and some very expensive sparkly heels. The rest of the pub crawl group took one look at her and said, “Clearly you aren’t going skating”. She looked shocked as ice skating was her plan but seeing how she has never done it before and was in a nice dress it wasn’t the best idea. She refrained and was our photographer and bag watcher. The “rink” was as small as can be and the skates were pretty low quality but a fun time was had by all.

We were a little late for the Redwood Bar portion of the night because we didn’t want to crawl. We were so busy talking to our Dating Sensei that we got lost and instead of finding Josie’s car that we found mine instead. Then we couldn’t find parking and were too cheap to pay so we drove several extra miles to retrieve handicap tags from Sensei’s car so we could ensure princess parking. Yup, we are lazy girls! I then drove Josie and some fellow crawlers one block for the fashion show and I headed home. I was lame and exhausted. Josie had a good time at the show and got princess seat parking in the front row of the show….Baller! A great night with great friends that always expose us to great downtown places. A big thanks to Miss Veronica for a couple of the photos!


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