T Boyle’s Tavern: Your New Neighborhood Pub

Before the long holiday weekend a friend on Twitter recommended we try out a new Pasadena bar. The UGs are suckers for a cold pint and seeing anything new in the neighborhood, so we happily obliged. This pub had an added bonus with a somewhat hidden location, who doesn’t like that?  T Boyle’s Tavern is in Pasadena and hidden in the alley behind the Ice House Comedy Club or slightly more accessible through Catalina Ave. We like the more hidden route and walked in off Mentor. The bar itself had hardly a free stool but you immediately notice that this is a very large space. The brick interior and stage reminded me of Old Towne Pub, one of our favorites also conviently hidden down an alley way. The main difference is that this place was much larger and equipped with 2 stories, 2 pool tables, 2 shuffle boards, Golden Tee, a Juke Box, many TVs, a moose head, and serves some grub.

Every table gets a thing of peanuts and, as you all know, if you put food in front of the UGs they will be happy and eat it. We made a mess out of the table in a matter of seconds. Josie also ended up getting 2 $1 hot dogs and was impressed saying that they aren’t even that cheap on the street. Were they great? Well hell, they were just a buck. Now on to what you all care about…the beer. There are 16 select beers on tap and more than 50 bottled beers. All of the beer is reasonable priced at $4.75 for a pint and between $3-$3.75 for bottled beer. Josie and I without knowing what the other ordered both got the Great White.

In typical UG fashion, our favorite part of the experience was being able to talk to the owner, Mr. T Boyle himself, Troy and hear about his vision. He was bringing the space back to the time when he was bartending there and it was Toe’s Tavern. He has a large stage and is working on his entertainment license so he can bring bands in to the bar on a regular basis. Josie and I both went to B School and found it necessary to tell him a list of ideas: from trivia nights to a full kitchen to PCC recruiting. He listened thoughtfully and then said, “Slow down ladies, we’ve only been open since Halloween.” That is Josie and my problem, we can’t slow down, every day we add to our business plan and brand umbrella but never take the time to think about making a buck. Once again, I digress, getting focused is our goal for the week. Anyway, Troy loves the space and loves beer and I am sure he is going to do great things with it. I was happy to find this interview with him in the Pasadena Weekly on the night that Crown City Brewery closed:

At CC’s bar, I asked regular customer Troy Boyle, a Sierra Madre resident, if he would frequent a wine bar. “Are you kidding?” Boyle replied. “A blue-collar guy like me in a wine bar? Somebody asks me if I want to do pinot noir, I’d say ‘What the hell does that mean?’”

I find it charming that Noir Food & Wine, a wine bar specializing in Pinot Noir, opened up recently in the exact neighborhood as T. Boyle. For girls like us, Uncouth Gourmands, I had just as much fun going to the Noir opening as I did walking in to T. Boyle’s for a cold pint. Anyway, it is a great addition to the neighborhood and we are glad to have it!


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