UGs 1st Annual Holiday Party

Right now is not only the start of the holiday season but the partner (business not life) and I are almost at our one year anniversary of having our blog up. We have met the most incredible people in this journey and are continuing to meet interesting people every day. Our investor, mentor, and dear friend Chuck offered to host a party for us at the Jonathan Club Downtown. We invited our favorites in PR, the LA restaurant and entertainment scene, and our friends old and new. Attendees included:

  1. Nathan Pickover-marketing consultant extraordinaire
  2. Claire Best, our best agent, of Marsh Best & Associates
  3. Kat Kirsch, Formula PR
  4. Shawna Dawson, the Sauciest Minx, of Sauce LA
  5. Khrysta Ramos, Provecho
  6. Megan Conners, Special Events Director at Drago Centro
  7. Ron Hoffman, BWR PR
  8. Christina Wong, Murphy O’Brien PR
  9. Ben, Schlep LA
  10. Wendy, the UG’s Genius Intern

You may be asking yourself: what are uncouth girls doing in a place like the Jonathan Club on their tree lighting night? That is an excellent question. Believe it or not, we do ever so often embrace our couth side with proper attire, eggnog, carolers from Citrus College, and a buffet that would blow any foodie away. Plus we wanted our friends and colleagues to enjoy a very special evening, after this year, we all deserve it!

The first plate served was an avocado wrapped lobster cannelloni with a dehydrated mushroom on top that was superb. The next courses were at the buffet where you can believe the UGs had a field day. In the appetizer section they had duck, shrimp and crab, sushi, poached salmon and lobster bisque. For the entrée portion of the buffet we helped ourselves to beef tenderloin, ravioli and tortellini, and my personal favorite the Jonathan Club’s sand dabs. I am quite certain that I am not alone in saying, I ate far too much that night. Despite being in such a couth environment, which looked like it came out of a Dicken’s novel, we weren’t without our uncouth moments. Josie, who had an enormous bowl of lemons in front of her opted to throw a wedge rather than pass it. One thing I, Carina, learned is that lemons are slippery and that you can take the UG out of the trough but you can’t take the trough out of the UG. We are animals. In fact, our favorite part of this year has been listening to other people share their UG stories with us. Dawson shared with me that during the cocktail section of the evening she had some shrimp cocktail sauce go down her blouse and had to quickly clean it without being noticed. As a fellow busty Jewtina with a propensity for spillage, we bonded over stories of removing our bras after seeing a movie only to find popcorn kernels hidden in the underwire. Claire, our agent who is a proper Brit that laughed while watching me cut my beef in such an American style, later disclosed that she had an uncouth moment that night of spilling her lobster bisque all over her appetizer plate. She even gave Josie one of the biggest laughs of the night when she referred to our English dessert of spotted dick as our VD dessert! Uncouth!

As with most dinners for the UGs, our favorite part of the evening was the company! We loved meeting Christina, Megan, and Ron for the first time and it was great to catch up with all of our amazing friends that we met this year. As we head in to the new year, we just want to give you all a big thank you for your support, help, and humor as we attempt to build an empire and give a voice and title to the uncouthies of the world. A huge thank you to the Jonathan Club and Chuck for always showing us what true class is…and that holiday Stollen Bread stole our hearts, for sure!



  1. I definitely ate too much. I had to sit strategically to make sure the food didnt come up… :X

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