Don’t Forget: Eat My Blog

Friday was one of the oddest days in terms of juxtaposition. We spent the morning hours in a great Jump Start brainstorming session with a group of very talented angel investors that are geared to help emerging entrepreneurs called, Maverick Angels. We sat in a boardroom with a group of 11 very talented and seasoned business people and strategized for 3 hours. It was exhilarating, thought-provoking and we are humbled by all of the people willing to help. After spending a very long time in traffic we knew that it was time to switch gears and put on our baking hats in preparation for the Eat My Blog bake sale on Saturday. Our intern, Wendy, helped us immensely by doing some of the grocery shopping and then it was up to Josie and I get to get to work. We were both exhausted and brain-dead and in no baking mood. Plus, we had foolishly come up with the concept to make:

A Bacon-Chocolate Covered Fleur de Sel Blitzen (reindeer) Pretzel

At the time it seemed like a great Uncouth Gourmand creation and seemed simple enough to be a kindergarten cooking project. That was not the case. It was many steps and took us hours of melting, setting, decorating, and wrapping but we managed to finish and have them all perfectly packaged for your sweet & salty pleasure. What did you do on your Friday night? Oh really, well we stayed at home and baked for you.

Not to be a nagging Jewish mother but please come to the Eat My Blog bake sale today! It is for a great cause and we worked really hard to make something adorable for you. Josie and I will be working the morning shift from 10-12 so come say hello and buy a blitzen. Also, we are very excited that our favorite food blogger, Pat of EatingLA, will be making her famous bacon apple pie!

Here are all of the details and we can’t wait to see you there:

When: Saturday, December 5th from 10 AM to 4 PM

Where: Zeke’s Smokehouse in West Hollywood

What: 1st annual “Eat My Blog” bake sale. There will be more than 800 baked goods and all reasonably priced between $1-$3!

Why: All proceeds from this delicious event will be donated to the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank.



  1. Thank you guys again for lending your talents to Eat My Blog! What’s not to adore about bacon and pretzels and chocolate?! Woot!

  2. Did I miss something? Or did Josie get married?

  3. Tony,

    No marriage proposals as of yet, but maybe that’s why I’ve become a spoiled romantic. It’s heartbreaking, but I’m trying to not take myself too seriously. Hence, the blog and why I’ve tried to remain a bit more hopeful. It’s my personal therapy. Let’s all grab drinks sometime with Diana Takes a Bite – love her!


  4. What’s up all, I’m new to the forum and just wanted to approximately hey. hi devotion get to know new pepole and share in things with them

    contain a happy year

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