Eat My Blog: From the Frontlines

There was a big sigh of relief and pleasure that came Saturday because the Eat My Blog charity event went off without a hitch. After weeks of planning, dozens of Los Angeles food bloggers put their baking skills to the test and rallied around a good, no great, cause – to help support the LA Food Bank by baking their dessert specialties and selling them at Zeke’s in West Hollywood. Below you can see the orchestrator of the event, Cathy, from in action holding a fresh batch of Christmas cookies. You gotta love the girl. She, like so many of us, not only has a full-time job, but also moonlights as a food blogger by night. We take our hats off to this tiny lady for getting all the marbles in order for this event which at the end of the day raised $3K!

We know, we know, we’ve been talking about this event for months, but I don’t think it was until the day before that it really sunk in. We were tired after a 4 hour meeting with investors in the valley, and we had a long week planning our Holiday party the night before. Needless to say, we were absolutely exhausted. Luckily, the wonderful, Wendy, obliged to help us with the shopping for the items. She’s great and we love her. Thank you, my love!

We decided to make our contribution, the famous Bacon-Chocolate Covered Fleur de Sal Reindeer Blitzens, that night after an exhausting but productive day with investors. We thought it’d be a piece of cake. And besides, the challenge was actually scrounging up the energy to motivate ourselves to make 50 reindeers.

Some our favorites came from the bloggers who decided to use bacon as their secret ingredient. Pat, from EatingLA made a bacon apple pie that sold in a record 10 minutes. Jo from made her famous bacon-wrapped pretzels, which she claims are best on salads, but the UGs are here to tell you, they’re just as good a sidewalk on Santa Monica Blvd accentuated by nothing else. Believe us – we bought several and scarfed them down in a New York minute. The Domestic Divas captivated our bellies with their bacon brownies, which had yummy strips of bacon on top. I felt like Homer Simpson. Marge Simpson (aka – the wife) was full ‘o bacon and sugar and she wanted a real meal. If I don’t feed her when she requests it, I never hear the end of it. We went inside Zeke’s for a full meal of open face turkey and pulled pork sandwiches.

A much special thanks to all the food bloggers that participated, Zeke’s for hosting, Coffee Bean for providing coffee, Challenge Butter for donating the butter, and, most of all, Gastronomy Blog. The event was such a success that there may be a part deux in the very near future. If any one has any more charities that they need help with during these holiday times, please reach out to us. After all, we are so thankful for everything in our lives that we’d love to help in any way we can.

Much love and Happy Holidays from the Uncouth Gourmand Girls!



  1. Hats off to Josie and Carina!! Thank you both for making Eat My Blog a success! Can’t wait to do it all again this summer. I hope you’ll both be down for another go-round 😉

  2. […] One of these new friends was a girl that I knew only by her Bacon Brownies that I sampled at Eat My Blog. Her name is Domestic Divas and she brought her same delicious brownies to this event along with […]

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