Nothing Morose about Montrose

Since mid-October Montrose has played home to the UG global headquarters and it has been a joy for us exploring this foothill neighborhood. Where Ocean View and Honolulu meet is not a beach front view, but it is just as charming. It is another land of candy shops, ice cream, sewing and pet stores. You feel like you have been dropped into Main St. of any town in America. When Josie was here full-time we had regular walking strolls to the delicious frozen yogurt place down the street called Fro-Yo Life. We would walk in and say “Fro-yo life” in our most gangsta voices and scare children while playing games of Connect Four that they let you borrow. Josie would get her enoromous peanut butter fro-yo with a ton of chocolate, granola, and cookie dough toppings and I’d get a small fruity fro-yo with mochi, rainbow sprinkles, and yogurt chips.

Our other Montrose favorite is the New Moon, which despite causing Josie the shrimp incident has fully redeemed itself. They have the greatest staff and owners and a Chinese Chicken Salad that makes the UGs swoon. We are counting the days until their lounge opens. They have also provided us one of the funniest dining moments when they showcased their new system to clearly mark food that Josie cannot eat.

Since Josie has returned back to her full-time job, aka the one that actually pays her, I have had to discover some places on my own. One of my favorites became Gourmet A Go Go, which is where I would get an artichoke with balsamic and some brisket on a regular basis. Through Twitter I learned that a new restaurant called Fork was opening in Montrose. I went on the first day lunch was served and immediately realized that the space was far too familiar and was the former home of Gail Connell’s Gourmet A Go Go.

Sitting down at the counter, I spotted Gail and she said the restaurant is a new concept with her and another chef, Michael Ruiz. As it says on the Fork site: “The goal is to share a common space to keep costs down while offering a new dining option to the area”. This is a clever concept and something  that has worked brilliantly for our friend, Chef Ludo. Like Chef Ludo, Michael Ruiz is  a good looking chef with tattoos, a large French influence, and a lot of creative dishes. I wish I would have come in for dinner to explore that side of the menu, but alas after a breakfast of gummy worms and chocolate covered pomegranates my lunch had to be simple and vegetable heavy. I ordered the tomato, mozarella, basil, and olive tapanade panini. It was good and I was glad to learn that the bread was from another local favorite of ours Berolina Bakery.

Again, my panini was good but Chef Michael Ruiz was the chef and owner of Bistro Verdu and Ingredients and I want to come back in for dinner and to completely stick my fork in to this restaurant and their working class bistro menu concept. As far as the dinner menu goes we want to try the pumpkin ravioli, duck confit salad, and the short ribs.

Anyway, Montrose is a great little neighborhood and we are proud to have our business blossom in such a yummy and kind town!



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  2. I seriously need to stop by this area soon! I miss it! Good read!

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