A Swingin Good Time at the Tony’s Holiday Party

We heard via Twitter that one of our favorite bars, Tony’s Saloon, was having a holiday party at some point yesterday and in typical UG fashion we moved our schedules around so that we could attend. We first went to Tony’s on opening night and have frequented it several nights ever since. We like the lax atmosphere, the ping-pong table, the nice bartenders-especially the handsome Skylar (photographed above) and the general neighborhood vibe of Tony’s.  Josie had a long day at work and wanted to go home shower and change. I got a call from my friend Tony telling me that he got me a book and to come over to his girlfriend Zena’s house. We knew that we would be missing the tree lighting portion of the party but we figured if we got there at 10pm we could still partake in the party and open bar…I can admit it, we are broke UGs! Tony and I did some pre-celebrating with a bottle of champagne I brought over and we were already buzzed when we arrived.

We met Josie at the door. It is amazing that on a consistent basis Josie and I will be coming from two opposite directions at two very different times and about 95% of the time we will arrive within seconds of one another. Anyway, despite Tony and I being the tipsy ones it was Tony’s lovely girlfriend, Zena, that  had the uncouth moments of the  night. First, Josie was dressed very provocatively in a blazer with hardly a shirt underneath and Zena managed to break off her button and then later spilled a drink all over us and on Josie’s purse. I would have felt bad for her but our friend Arun pointed out that Josie stands on her tippy toes before photos are taken to look taller. I never knew that she did this maneuver and I think it is worth noting when examining the main pic, I am just saying. The night was very fun and silly, and a good time was had by all. As I went to take a picture of the tree a man said. “I am way better looking than that tree”. Ha, now that is a great line.

Zena, who provides Josie and my favorite moment on my bday video when she smiles at the camera, is so sweet and was attempting to keep the ping-pong table a secret from her bf Tony. Tony thinks he is a master and when he was taking too long going to the bathroom we knew exactly where we’d find him. He was paddling away but had been drinking all day and wasn’t quite the champion he could have been.

Josie left early because she had to wake up early the next day and Arun who lives close by was also leaving. Josie offered to drop him off and on their way they noticed a lot of scantily clad people walking in to another neighborhood favorite bar of ours, Royal Claytons. They decided to have just one more drink and were shocked when everyone starting making out with everyone else. They asked the bartender what the hell was going on and it turns out that it was a swingers party. Basically, people arrive with their spouses and then go home with someone else. Both Arun and Josie were in shock that they had inadvertently walked in to one of the weirdest parties. Things at Tony’s were far more tame until Tony, my friend, was attempting to get a three-way kiss on camera. It wasn’t that successful but went something like this:

Since we just threw our first UG holiday party we were very much in awe of this packed and successful event that Tony’s Saloon threw. It was great fun and while I can’t guarantee that tonight will be as many shenanigans there are two important wine and beer events to share with you:

  • Also, we don’t know if you have been following the tales of Eagle Rock Brewery but we have for the last year and according to Verdugo Bar’s tweet: Tonight… Come celebrate the first ever pours of the EAGLE ROCK BREWERY at VERDUGO! Support local craft beer!

If there are two things we support it is local brewers and local wine shops. One or both us will hit up these places tonight and you should too!

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