A McRib, a McDate and a McNight with DoubleDEntendre

It’s no big secret (i.e., our Twitter account) that we’ve been wanting to try the McRib sandwich from McDonalds (which, by the way, only sees the light of day every few years). My interest was first peaked years ago when Homer Simpson abandoned his family to tour the country with a cult devotee “Krusty Ribwich” following that was later paralleled to the very committed “Deadheads.” A mysterious interest gnawed at me and I needed to try it this time around. So I posted the invite to join us on Twitter and within minutes DoubleDEntendre returned an interest in joining the UG girls for this first.

Despite never working on Friday’s (we work it in to all my contracts), I, Josie, sadly report that I had to go in this particular Friday. All day I was looking forward to ravenously devouring the infamous burger. I must note, that the night before I posted something on Twitter about sampling this urban legend and by Friday afternoon there were several coworkers that advised me against it. One said that it was like eating a salisbury steak and another said it was like eating spoiled custard. I thought to myself, “F***, what have I gotten us into?” With that said, I couldn’t disappoint my dining public (that means you), so I took one for the team. I showed up about a half hour late and Carina and Nadia (DoubleDEntendre) were already seated and chatting up a storm. We decided to order one McRib for us all, and the girls opted for two happy meals. I lost my appetite the minute I was advised against the McRib, so I ordered nothing in addition.

Having been forewarned by my colleagues, I was dreading the lonely bite I had to take for the sake of journalism. 😉 Our meal arrived and the girls first ate their happy meals and then, like the sound of a beating drum, the box that contained the McRib was opened. At that point, I had never been on a blind date (and little did I know I’d be on one soon thereafter), but I imagine it was like expecting the person you’ve developed an online repertoire with to show up and then, as if in slow motion, being dropped on your head. It looked dreadful. Carina and Nadia happily chowed down on the first bites of the McRib and I, in hopes they ate all of it before noticing, avoided the pain by making small talk. They were smart and they caught on to my shenanigans. They saved a few bites for the host. I almost puked when I looked down at the grim reality that I was about to face. I looked up and saw both of them staring at me and at that moment I knew I wasn’t getting out of this one.  I tried to take the first bite for the camera, but I could not bite down. The girls reassured me it wasn’t that bad, but I was already convinced. After minutes of pleading to not eat it, I was forced to try it so I bit down.

I’d love to admit that I was wrong, but I wasn’t. It was horrible, even more horrible than I imagined. I pictured the McRib to be a robust and boneless rib sandwich. I thought to myself, “A boneless rib sandwich? Sounds like a miracle! What will they think of next?” It seems I was the only one offended by the anemic McRib sandwich and in fact, Carina and Nadia ate it no problem. Ms. DoubleDEntendre finished the last bites off and dare I say, even enjoyed it. My one bite left me no desire to ever try it again. (There goes my endorsement. I can feel Tiger Woods’ pain) I will, however, continue to enjoy their beautifully crisp fries and warm apple pies. Nothing, not even the McRib, could ruin McDonalds for this uncouthie.

From there we opted to go to the new agave bar in Los Feliz, called surprisingly enough, Agave Tequila House Y Cantina. Carina had a mojito and Ms. DoubleDEntendre and I had the sangria. It was made fresh for just us and there was an ample amount of brandy in it. It was magnificent. We didn’t try anything to eat but the scent coming from the table behind us enticed our palate. We are surely coming back for more soon. Ladies, the bartenders are cute – just ask Nadia. 🙂

Like destiny while we were at Agave talking about Mr.Fig, I got a text from my match.com suitor to see if I wanted to meet up for drinks at the Cha Cha Lounge. I had never been on a blind date so I pleaded for the girls to come with me. I met with “Todd in the Esca-lad.” Truth be told, he doesn’t drive an Escalade but Carina likes mnemonics for remembering people’s names and this was what she was calling him all night. Todd, there’s your pseudonym. A good time was had by all and perhaps if I approached the McRib with a more open attitude I would have enjoyed it just as much.



  1. Gwosssss, guys. No more posts about McDonald’s, k? The McRib can go back to where it came from 😉

    • I know! I was so disappointed! I can’t go on thinking I’m Homer Simpson anymore. It truly ruins me. I’ll chalk it up as a reality check.


  2. You gals need to live alill. Forever live the McRib!

  3. […] Most Uncouth Moment: This one belongs solely to the McRib. My interest was first peaked years ago when Homer Simpson abandoned his family to tour the country […]

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