Like your Sandwich Like you Like your UG Girls? Stacked

I agree wholeheartedly with my TV foodie icon Liz Lemon that, “All of humankind has one thing in common: the sandwich.” In fact, I believe that one of my greatest quests in life is to find the perfect sandwich. Some of my local favorites are the No. 19 from Langers, egg salad at Euro Pane, the chicken toscano with artichoke hearts added in at Porta Via, the BBQ tri tip from Handy Market that you can only get on Saturday and I am always looking for the best tuna melt. Well, like on most Mondays, I find myself in Monrovia in the mid afternoon starving. I looked up “sandwich” near my current location on my Yelp App and was guided to Stacked Sandwich in Arcadia. It only had 5 reviews but all were 5 stars. That is unheard of on several levels.  First, yelpers love to be unusual so if everyone is giving a place 5 stars they want to give it 2.  Secondly, if it is really THAT good there should be a million reviews. I drove straight there and missed it the first time as the pizza sign still remains in their location. I attempted to walk in but there was a group of men at the door. The open kitchen area is very large but there is only a counter with maybe 6 seats. The menu was extensive and I had a hard time choosing a sandwich.

All the employees were too busy making sandwiches to take orders, but it was perfect because I wasn’t sure what I wanted anyway. In the meantime, I watched them carefully scoop and slice avocado for sandwiches and add bacon to tuna melts. I almost had to laugh because everyone in the place was a walking endorsement. One women left the counter said, “Thanks again for another spectacular lunch.” I then heard the cook say, “Nothing good ever comes out of cookbooks.” That statement made me love the place, actually my expectations were now unreasonably high. Everyone on Yelp said that “Rev Pablo Pastor” was their favorite with chicken breast seasoned with Mexican 5 chili spice, topped with grilled pineapple, bacon, melted jack, lettuce, tomato and chipotle-mayo. However, they also all warned that it was quite spicy. I knew if Josie was with me she would order it so I thought I would wait to have a bite of hers in the future. Instead I ordered the “Sweet Southern Swine” with BBQ pork smothered in a sweet/spicy BBQ sauce and topped with a cilantro slaw. I consider over $8 for a sandwich expensive and unacceptable and this one clocked in at $7.25 so I was happy. However, as a major bonus, it is under $8 and it includes fries or salad. Of course, I got fries. I headed to the office and ate the entire thing of fries in the car. They were perfect, and while I enjoy limp fries, these were crispy and correctly seasoned. I kept trying to save some so I could atleast take a picture but, well, I have never been known for my self-control. I walked in the office and as I passed Chuck I said, “I think I might have a truly great sandwich in my hands.” I sat at my conference table and opened up the white paper to get to my favorite present, the sandwich.

It says on their website that their sandwiches aren’t pretty, but taste bloody good. In my humble UG opinion, this is the most beautiful sandwich. It was delicious and I loved the tangy slaw. It will probably be on my top sandwiches list but the truly amazing thing about Stacked Sandwich is that I am positive that any sandwich I ordered here would be incredible. Perhaps it is because of their open kitchen but you see an amount of care and precision that just isn’t present by the everyday sandwich artist. I will definitely go back and I will make Josie, who can handle the spicy, try the Pablo Pastor. This place has only been open 3 months and I recommend you go now before it completely blows up, stack the odds in your favor!



  1. I’m a sucker for sandwiches! Who cares if they’re not photogenic! They’re great!

  2. I guess the Ultimate Combo wood bee a stacked sandwich with a wunderfull stacked UG on the side.
    Thanks 4 de info on the Stacked SW.

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