Our Blog Turns One Today: Looking Back on a Yummy Year

It’s hard to believe that we have been doing this for a year now! We began our blog on December 20, 2008, or as we like to call it, the day the LA food blogging world was forever changed. We have inexpensive cameras, bad manners, don’t take ourselves too seriously, and have loved sharing our lives, meals, triumphs, bad dates and awkward turtle moments with you over this past year. Since there are two of us and because, contrary to popular belief we don’t share a brain, we are each going to count down our Top 5 Moments of our 1st Year in food blogging.

Carina’s Top 5:

1. Best Meal (High-End): My post birthday/graduation dinner at Manresa Restaurant in Los Gatos. I am sad to say that the best meal of my year, and maybe my life, was not had in my city of Los Angeles. I have never been one that cared about “Farm to Table” restaurants, but there was something special about knowing that my entire meal came from my hometown’s backyard. It made my dining experience  that much more enjoyable. Plus, that abalone soup with sea urchin and foie gras in a light gingery broth was one of the best things I’ve ever consumed.

2. Best Meal (Low-End): El Huarache Azteca in Highland Park was the first place I ever had a huarache and I am forever hooked. I crave it now more than I crave tacos and burritos, not quite at nacho level but getting there. This meal also happens to be when I got my mojo back after a long dry spell of a summer. This meal was good for my wallet and love life so I will forever be indebted.

3. Most Uncouth Moment: Funny enough,  the most uncouth moment happened at one of the trendiest and most stylish restaurants, the Bazaar at SLS Hotel. We were somehow there for Easter brunch and both Josie and I had our mind in the gutter the whole time. I know it is a godly family holiday but my mind was not in that space. I suppose a good meal could do that to you but I will say never in my life have I had more of an urge to get that pastry chef and take advantage of him. It was the greatest hunger that only a truly great meal can elicit.

4. Biggest Awkward Turtle Moment: Josie and I are forever destined to whip out awkward turtles as something in our lives or personalities makes us attract awkward moments. We’ve had a bunch of them this year. One that sticks out most in my memory was when we were at Drago Centro for the first time. I saw Josie waiting at the bar and I walked over to her. While on my path to Josie a women stopped me, introduced herself, and told me how nervous she was. Apparently, she thought I was her blind date and rather than being a helpful friend Josie laughed uncontrollably and pretended like she didn’t know me.

5. Best Event: We have been to amazing events this year and have met incredible people. The one event that stands out most to me was the first annual Blogger Prom. This is where we met The Delicious and several other bloggers we admire for the first time; it was truly a great event. Also, where else could you get lube, ear plugs, and Sun Chips in your gift bag?

Josies’s Top 5:

1. Best Meal (High-End):  From the second I finished my meal on my first visit to Ludo Bites this past summer, I knew that his kitchen honored the spirit of cooking. Ludo, a true perfectionist, cooks with passion and that passion makes its way to his young staff and, ultimately, his food. I know his passion to be true because after my first visit to Ludo Bites he invited me to be his sous chef on a busy Friday night. Ludo is a rare commodity in this town. If you have not yet experienced it, you’re lucky because his new pop-up location at Royal/T Cafe is now open for business. Here’s another great review on Ludo’s new place from another favorite blogger, Gastronomy Blog.

2. Best Meal (Low-End): Our fellow blogger friend, SinoSoul, turned us on to this gem. SinoSoul does a wonderful job of reporting in the SGV and JTYH was, I believe, his best find this year. From hand-cut noodles to dumplings, JTYH does it all well and reasonably priced. We had eight dishes, two sodas and two boba milk teas for under $27! I favored the lamb soup and well, since there wasn’t (and still isn’t) much “love” in my life I exclaimed, “This place is better than sex.” If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what would.  If you have yet to check it out – please do. It’ll change your life.

3. Most Uncouth Moment: This one belongs solely to the McRib. My interest was first peaked years ago when Homer Simpson abandoned his family to tour the country with a cult devotee “Krusty Ribwich” following that was later paralleled to the very committed “Deadheads.” A mysterious interest gnawed at me and I needed to try the urban legend this time around. The McRib begs only one question, “What the F*** was I thinking?!” A definite thing to avoid in 2010.

4. Biggest Awkward Turtle Moment: It was another inopportune “Josie love luck” kind of moment. I had seen “Mr. Fig” earlier that night and well, let’s just say the night fell embarrassingly short of any R-rated expectations (think more G-rated). So after a bit of sulking (and partying), Carina and I decided to hit our local late night Pasadena hut, Lucky Boy. We ordered and sat down determined (and hopeful) that the night would fare better than it was currently going. If you know us, you know that “awry” is never far-fetched but rather a constant in our love lives. So as we ate, I saw a single rose which I picked up and placed right by me. I was confident that this was a sign that my love luck was to get better. In my extreme cheerfulness I see an attractive  man coming towards me with a look of relief on his face. I thought to myself, has my prince charming come for me? He strolls up right in front of me and says, “Hey, that’s my girlfriends’ rose. She left it on the table. Can she have it back?” 2010 has got to be better than this.

5. Best Event: Hands down, this one goes to the Speakeasy event of Drink-Eat-Play. For the first time in years, I saw men in ties after 6P, the ladies were dressed to the nines and the whiskey flowed from one stand to the next. It was a great confluence of music, booze and most of all guys and gals having fun together. The Edison and Varnish provided the best cocktails of the night. Although, I believe it was Carina’s dress that night that got all of the attention.



  1. happy blogversary! JTYH rules your sex life!

  2. […] there was that one time when the woman thought I was her blind date that made it as the “Awkward Turtle Moment” of my […]

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