Meeting Big & Mrs. Mista: Masters of BBQ and Twitter

We have long ago crowned Big Mista and his Mrs., Mrs. Mista, our favorite couple on Twitter (a Twouple?).  Their flirting and arguing tweets are our favorite, trust me these are people you want to virtually “follow”. However, Big Mistas name doesn’t end there, it has BBQ at the end. He is a BBQ wizard and yet we have never tried his meat. Feel free to use the euphemism, god knows we do. Tweets have been going back about me wanting his brisket and his wife became our fan on Facebook by saying, “Seeing as how my husband flirts with you so often, how can I help but be a fan. Smooches.” This dynamic duo does the farmer’s market circuit and catering. They have invited Josie and I several time to come out to the Sunday Atwater Village Farmer’s Market to sample their meat, but two things have stood in my way. First, I normally am exhausted on Sundays from a long Saturday. Second, I have a lot of memories at the Atwater Farmer’s Market. It was the place that my ex-boyfriend and I would always go after Scrabble Club, I was much more of  a homebody than. It brought back a lot of memories for me similar to Josie at the Yucatan place in Highland Park. When you have lived and loved and lost in Los Angeles everything is  a reminder of something.

I was feeling sick on Saturday so I did nothing all day but read, sleep, and order food. Or as I tweeted: “Clearly I must be perverse. My comfort when sick is reading Erica Jong books, watching Adrian Lyne movies, & slurpin SIZZLING rice soup.” By the way, 9 1/2 Weeks has the hottest food and sex scene evah! I had no qualms about staying after LAOCFoodie told me that CarolineOnCrack and FauxLAHipster live by the motto: Weekends are for Amateurs! I couldn’t agree more. Anyway, I awoke on Sunday in a great mood, feeling healthy and with a hankering for some BBQ. I headed to the Farmer’s Market to see my favorite couple on the internet. As soon as I parked I saw my friend and fellow blogger, Eat Sip Chew, with a rosemary plant and a big smile on her face. The first booth I saw was Big Mista’s Barbecue, they knew who I was right away and an instant real life friendship was formed. They were hilarious and clearly it was Mrs. Mista that runs it all. She demanded the boys give me some of everything to try. I, as a Jew, have a special place for brisket and the brisket chili was amazing, as was the brisket itself. However, when it came to ordering I went with a tri tip sandwich.

Mrs. Mista was not satisfied with my order and told me I need a perfect pulled pork sandwich, which comes on a white bun and has coleslaw inside. She also looked at a red velvet cupcake and then back at me and said, “You need one of these too”. The Mrs. got her way, I am quite certain she always does. She wasn’t just this helpful with me, she was this way with everyone! When a guy came by to order a sandwich she told the hubby to give him a fat piece of meat requiring him to cut a brand new piece of meat. She laughed at the prospect of giving him extra work. I loved it and the customer was so satisfied with his newly cut fatty sandwich. Mrs. Mista is looking out for ya! The sandwich and cupcake she recommended (not so subtly) were beauties and I liked her choices so much I saved the tri tip for Josie. Although there is no photo of this sandwich as Josie devoured it within seconds when she came over later.

They were fabulous, the couple and the food, and made my return to the Atwater Village Farmer’s Market that much sweeter. I also heard some nice music and had the best ginger snap cookies of my life courtesy of Darren The Chef. It was a great afternoon and was exactly what my recovering body and heart needed.

Although, it goes without saying that my best part of the day was meeting the first couple of BBQ and Twitter. Here is their version of our encounter. If you need meat and/or a laugh get to know Big & Mrs. Mista, I am so glad I did!


  1. Carina, we were excited to have you come visit us and you didn’t disappoint. We loved your company and would be thrilled to feed you anytime!

    Now if you could just drag Josie out…

  2. Wow. We must have just missed each other on Sunday.
    I rode over from West Hollywood just to have some of Big Mista’s delicious BBQ and introduce myself.

    Did you end up with any of Chef Darren’s treats? My chocolate covered caramel marshmallows lasted less then 18 hours, but I still have a few gingersnaps left!

    • Oh bummer, I bought a thing of gingersnaps and regular marshmallow. I have been trying to save both as Hanukkah/Christmas gifts for the family but I will admit to sneaking a few.

      What did you have from Big Mista?

  3. I started with the Mrs. Mista with brisket, tri-tip, pineapple slaw and bbq beans.

    Not thinking I’d be able to finish it all, I surprised myself with an empty box. There was no way I was going to leave any leftovers to get cold!

    Making my way back to the stand to pay my respects to Big Mista, I ran across him in the aisles.

    After thanking him for restoring my faith in what bbq brisket could be (best I’ve ever had by a landslide) I left with a smile, expecting to see him again in a few weeks.

    Imagine my surprise a half hour later when I see him walking though the market looking for me, with a small bbq brisket chili in hand!

    “Hey now, anyone who rode their bike here from West Hollywood just to try my food deserves a little something extra” he said!!!

    As if that wasn’t enough… Following him back to the stand to get a bag for it… Mrs Mista then “forced” a sample of the pulled pork on me.

    I mean, how hard do you have to force delicious BBQ on someone???

    Needless to say… I know where to get my bbq fix on these days!

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