Christmas Evening: Tis the Day of Giving and Receiving

Tis the night of Christmas

and to tell you the truth

it was quite grand and merry

but I missed my other uncouth

I, Carina, am spending time with my family in Santa Snooze and like good Jews we attended a Fiddler on the Roof singalong and a Chinese food luncheon at the synagogue today. I am sure Josie ate some delicious tamales with her family in San Diego. We hope you are all having a fabulous day and night!



  1. I had a drunk plow into my parked car.

    I have a theory now that this corner of East L.A. is cursed.

    merry Jew-mas.

    • Ah well, you don’t know how my Christmas Eve Eve was. I was in my first car accident on the 10 in MP on the way to ramen. I took my car to the shop and got a ride to SC with 2 guys I hadn’t seen since jr. high/ high school.

      Let’s do something nice for ourselves when I get back in town. I’m thinking a feast.

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