The Uncouth Gourmands’ Ten Commandments

I. Thou shall covet thy neighbor’s food.
II. If at the end of a meal one is not unbuckling belt, one is not done eating.
III. Thou shall not leave a stingy tip.
IV. Thou shall not dabble in veganism.
V. Thou shall not turn thy nose up at eateries with drive-thru’s or that are on wheels.
VI. When ordering, never be afraid to personalize a meal.
VII. When the option arises, always go larger, full-size or super size.
VIII. Thou shall use any means to put food in thy mouth; whether it be a silver spoon, bamboo chopsticks, plastic spork, or one’s own hands. The 3-second rule can be extended for any period of time.
IX. Thou shall not ever use the word uncouth like it is a bad thing.
X. Thou shall remain faithful to the ones that gave you the title of Uncouth Gourmand.



  1. Hear Hear! Especially #3!!!

    Happy New Year! I’ve had fun reading your blog!

  2. […] he not seen the site? After all, “thou shall not dabble in vegetarianism” is one of the 10 Uncouth Gourmandments. Just my […]

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