Happy New Year! Your UG Girls Love You!

New Year’s Eve is one of those super tough nights where you think that you have to be doing something spectacular. After all, it is the end of one year and the start of a new one; it’s kind of a big deal. Due to this pressure, NYE is cursed with the disability that wherever you are you always think you can be doing something better. It is a night of options but no certainty. We read on FB that our Downtown Jew Crew was doing a pub crawl with mustaches. The last time we got to wear mustaches was the Yelp Taco Truck Crawl. It sounded perfect for the night. We were off to a late start but we  took the metro, which was free and running all night, to Broadway Bar. It is rare for these UGs to walk so we were a little disoriented without our cars and began to walk the wrong direction. We turned back, walking an extra 6 blocks in heels, and feeling defeated. It was now 11:35 and we were nervous about the course of the night, we felt like tourists in our own city. We dealt with a doorman that didn’t believe we were with the party perhaps because we were mustache-less.  Luckily, we made it in about 15 minutes before the big countdown. Not enough time to get a drink in the crowded bar. We got our mustaches on and felt far too sober for the occasion. We sat next to our wittiest friend, Laura, and clapped and cheered to welcome the New Year in.

It wasn’t necessarily bad but we didn’t kiss anyone at midnight, we were starving, and our pre-party drinks had worn off. We went to grab a drink at the bar but after being groped we decided to leave. As we were walking, I remembered that the Grilled Cheese Truck was going to be outside of the Golden Gopher. I like that bar and I knew it would be chill and have no cover. Out front was not only the Grilled Cheese Truck but also Frysmith. It was like finding our mecca. We ate a huge lunch but that was from 12:30-3 and it was now past midnight and we were starving. I recommended we go to both but start with grilled cheese. Let me preface by saying, I was expecting very little. Josie and I are both OG when it comes to food on wheels. We like Highland Park taco trucks and haven’t been in on the novelty food truck craze. I knew from their twitter that they had lobster truffle mac n cheese for their New Year’s special and that sounded incredible but we are trying to stick to a budget in the new year and that was $15. Instead we decided to try the grilled cheese. I got the caprese and Josie got the harvest. We were going to get fries from down the curb but we got talked in to getting tomato soup and mac n cheese as our sides all from the GCT. I am glad we did because it was so good. We are food girls and this curbside meal made our night and new year better than any party, open bar, or midnight kiss could do. Josie’s sandwich had butternut squash and leeks. She proclaimed that hers was better, I rolled my eyes, but it in all honesty it was delicious and a little better. That’s saying a lot because mine was also delicious. The tomato soup was chunky and flavorful and the mac n cheese packed a spicy kick that Josie and I couldn’t identify.

The food was good but it was the owner, Dave, that made our night. He was laughing as Josie and I bickered and called each other “Frenemies” and about how I was convinced I knew every single person walking by. We asked him if were his favorite food bloggers he ever met and he responded, “You are the only ones that block the pick-up window.” Uncouth. Our moods and spirits were completely lifted and we walked in to the Golden Gopher for a few drinks. We saw old friends, went in the photobooth, and it quickly became a night worth remembering. It is one for the scrapbook…wedding album. We hope you all had a great end to 2009 and start of 2010. We love you all and this year we will strive to bring you a new website, awesome products, good food advice, and hopefully some laughs (with us, not at us).

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  1. You guys crack me up! Happy New Year!

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