More Montrose Musings

We began our neighborhood profile series with Montrose, the foothill neighborhood that plays home to the UG Global Headquarters a few months ago. Since then, I have been holding down the fort as my other half, Miss Josie, returned her real job-the one that actually pays her. In between Christmas and the New Year, she had some time off and returned to our office (conference room) for strategizing and local lunches. One place we dined at months ago was called Black Cow Cafe. We liked our lunch and on a rainy day we made our return. We discovered that we already knew our waiter, Drew, who is also the manager at Cafe 140, the most affordable restaurant of the Smith Brothers in Pasadena. He was a great waiter there and we even remember tweeting how much we enjoyed Drew at 140. He was just as wonderful at Black Cow Cafe. He made our wait bearable, joined me in laughing at Josie’s inability to follow a story, and brought us everything we desired from extra lemons to more hot water. Of course, the service was phenomenal but what about the food?

Josie had B.C. Chicken Sandwich with chicken, avocado, mushrooms, melted jack cheese, and sour cream on sourdough bread. It was as delicious as it sounds and who knew that sour cream worked so well on a sandwich? I ordered the tomato basil cappellini. The one thing that we really loved was that both of our meals came with either a caesar salad or the house salad. Most times Josie and I would go for our man, Caesar, but our wonderful waiter Drew had us get the house salad. The house salad was my dream salad, it came with chopped romaine, raisins, sprouts, and more in a lemon balsamic dressing. It was a notch above almost any other restaurant’s house salad. We will make it a point to return on Wednesdays when Drew is working and we even have a special table reserved for us, the window facing #15.

After lunch, we arrived at the office and finally began our day. Our friend stopped by for a tour and then our website developer, Ian, came to show us a mock-up he’s done. Yup, we are bringing you a new site in 2010 so get ready. After a few hours at work our hunger once again returned and I suggested we all utilize that new restaurant discount website Blackboard Eats. The featured restaurant of the week was La Cabanita, which was only blocks away from our office. Whenever I tell people that I work in Montrose this is always where they ask if I have dined. Up until this point we had never dined there and were stoked about using our 30% off dinner passcode.

The place is small and the way to the bathroom is covered with “celeb” photos and accolades. For dinner, I ordered the enchiladas and because I couldn’t decided between the mole and tomato sauce they offered to give me a combo of both. Our developer, Ian, had the shrimp filled chiles. Josie ordered a sopes combo and got a side of cactus (or is it cacti?)

All of the food was good, nothing mind blowing, and so affordable thanks to Blackboard Eats. Our favorite thing was the mole sauce that came on my single enchilada, I should have had it on all three. The moral of this Montrose Musings post is that even in this small town, there are endless culinary experiences to be had and the sweetest people to meet.


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