Thirsty Thursday: Happy Hour Lineup

There’s a great new bar downtown called The Down and Out. It is brought to you by the people of Bar 107, aka my favorite bar in LA and the one that Josie always thinks stinks (literally). The night that I fell in love with Bar 107 was Seis de Mayo where they had a 1/2 off drinks if you drop your pants night filled with karaoke and fun. Here I am with a man in an elephant thong.

The Down and Out is like the slightly more sophisticated big brother with an interest in sports to the 107. I am not a sports girl kind of a girl but I really liked the place and was impressed by their lack of downtown prices. Plus, I heard something about free pizza on game days.

Also, since we have written a lot on Montrose, it is worth noting that our local Chinese restaurant the New Moon has just opened up their lounge and offer their food at $3-$4 between 5:00P-7:00PM on Monday-Thursday. Josie and I are big fans of the BBQ spare ribs.

Another Happy Hour I discovered runs all day and every day in the bar of the very posh Drago Centro. Everything is priced between $3-$8. I had the Aviation a few weeks ago and liked it plus the bartender, Mark, was so sweet I brought him dessert to eat.  Also Megan, the Special Events Director, is one of our new friends that came to the UG Holiday Party. If all of this isn’t reason enough to check out Drago Centro, there was that one time when the woman thought I was her blind date that made it as the “Awkward Turtle Moment” of my year.

Another all day, every day, Happy Hour for you non-Eastsiders is at Bar Food in West LA. Happy Hour lasts all hours that Bar Food is open, from 5pm to midnight. Click here for the menu. We have not actually been to Bar Food yet, but we feel like we know them as we have read the owner’s tweets for a long time and we think we know who his wife is. Plus, the hot dogs are free! That deal is like a UGs wet dream.

The last Happy Hour to discuss is my favorite one that thankfully only comes once a week, or else I’d be there everyday. It is the Checkers Four where you get 4 specialty cocktails, 4 plates, for $4 each, from 4pm-8pm on Thursday. It is the deal of the century and here is the menu for tonight, January 7th, 2010:

  • Classic Gin & Tonic – what more ideal way to savor Hendrick’s flavor?  Garnished with a cucumber, rather than a lime unless you say otherwise!
  • The Aviation – from 1916, a classic.  Hendrick’s Gin, a very light Maraschino liqueur, a dash of Crème de Violette, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice!
  • The Singapore Sling – The classic 1915 drink from the Raffles Hotel in Singapore has inspired a multitude of variations.  Ours is the classic version: gin, cherry brandy, lime juice and Benedictine.  Ok, not the lightest of cocktails, but fantastic nonetheless!
  • The Mayfair Cocktail – Named after one of the swankiest districts in London… Hendricks, lemon juice and cucumber tease your palate!
  • Prosciutto-Wrapped Figs served with a Garden Herb Salad
  • Scallop Tortellini with Roasted Turnips, and a Smoked Tomato Broth
  • Torchon – duck foie gras served with brioche toast points and a huckleberry jam
  • Rapini and Green Garlic Soup with White Asparagus

Here are some photos from their last Four, before the holidays:

Wherever this Happy Hour Lineup may take you, please remember to not end up in a police lineup. In case you didn’t read my earlier tweet, I learned via Wikipedia that a police lineup in Britain is called an “Identity Parade.” That just sounds so festive, but not quite as festive as a Happy Hour!


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