Birthday Dinner at Japon Bistro

Josie celebrated her birthday in “Carina style” this year with multiple parties, meals, and all-around gluttony. Josie was responsible for both parts of my birthday last year, including a 5-course dinner she made. I wanted to return the favor but in a less labor intensive way. I got us  a hotel in San Diego and left it up to more talented and skilled people to do the hard work for my bestie’s birthday. We drove back from our girls weekend in Man Diego last Sunday on Josie’s actually birthday. We arrived back in Pasadena at around 4P and despite being hungover, full from a big breakfast, and spending more than 24 inseparable hours together, we still found it necessary to grab dinner together. Most places weren’t yet open for dinner and Josie suggested we go to her favorite chicken place in Little Tokyo. I was tired from the drive and suggested Japon Bistro in Pasadena, somewhere we had both never been. I have been wanting to go for years after learning on Yelp that it is where all the hot Cal Tech guys hangout. I am an avid Big Bang Theory watcher and dream of finding my own Wolowitz. Actually, I have a funny story. I once went on a JDate with a guy that was an astrophysicist at Cal Tech and it took him upwards of 15 min to parallel park despite having an extra 3 feet on each side of the car. It was unbelievable, I need a one shot parker kind of a man. Anyway, we walked in to Japon Bistro and found no hot scientists but a ton of great food.

Josie amazes me because despite being allergic to seafood this girl can still order the hell out of any Japanese restaurant’s menu. She got fried marinated chicken,  pan fried tofu, beef skewers, a cucumber roll, and, of course, a giant bowl of rice. I swear to you, rice is her favorite food. I ordered a tamago roll, tsukemono (mixed Japanese pickles), various sashimi, and yellowtail carpaccio with jalapenos on top.

We were really impressed by the food. Josie loved her chicken and I loved that yellowtail. Our waiter also just had a birthday and rooted for us in the ordering of a beer (we aren’t that hard to convince) and brought us a sparkling sake later. I also ordered Josie black sesame ice cream with fried banana and we were both amazed by how many scoops we got and the candle on top. We both can’t wait to go back, remember we weren’t even THAT hungry that night. We may not have our brilliant scientist boyfriends yet to take us to hotels or buy us extravagant dinners, but we have so much more. The values of the Uncouth Gourmands are: Fun, Food, and Friendship and this birthday weekend we had the trifecta in full form and it was fantastic!


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  1. I’m a Big Bang Theory fan too but it took running an old episode of Rosanne (which I didn’t watch the first time around) to realize that Leonard was Darlene’s boyfriend on that show.

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