Where My Bloggers at, Dumpling?

If you’re so adventurous you may want to hang with Ms. Minty on Twitter. As you may know she, as well as our fav SinoSoul, have been our cue into the SGV.  So when Minty invited us out to the Dumpling House Restaurant, we gave one unanimous “Hell ya, beeotch.” On NYE we met up with Minty, AKesq, a couple other Yelpies and hit the strip mall establishment on Rosemead Blvd. Upon entering Dumpling House Restaurant one cannot help but notice the feline paraphernalia on the walls. The restaurant’s walls were lined with photographs of animals. The place more aptly resembles someone’s home rather than a dining establishment. There were tiger, cat and even a few horse photographs on the walls. I sensed from this alone, that this was going to be an authentic meal. Here’s what we ordered: six dumpling orders, a pork lunch special, beef noodle soup, seafood mandarin noodles, fried chicken, and, of course, fried bananas.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the dumplings were all quite delicious! I LOVED the beef soup which was further augmented by the enormous leaves of wilted spinach floating above the spicy broth. Both were délicieux. The hurdle on the soup front came in the way of the noodles, which were all hand-cut but uber long… In fact, I had to ask for scissors so I could serve everyone. Yes, I play mama bear wherever I go.

The most uncouth part of the meal came from AKesq. AK’s response, “I remember when my first boyfriend in college dumped me because I wouldn’t have sex with him. I payed him back by sleeping with three guys that month.” We love that girl; she’s perhaps more shocking than us. We tweeted her one-liners throughout the meal.

The fried chicken was a crowd pleaser, but was admittedly not my favorite. I like my chicken fried up with absolutely no sticky qualities (reminds me too much of Panda Express – Yuck!), but this chicken was sticky and sweet. I think we all concurred that the lunch special was also subpar. Dessert was fine, but I think we’ve established that I’m not the “sweetest” personality. My predilection is more savory and bitter, ergo, why I’d take craft beer over dessert any day of the week. My companions enjoyed the fried banana dumplings and enjoyed them more when dipped in ice water. FYI – I think Minty puts it best: The ice bath cools the dumplings… What the water does is harden the outside which creates a nice crispy shell. See, you do learn some gourmand things on the site… well, sometimes. And did I mention the $2 Tsingtao and the $1 Budweiser? We decided to pay 100% more and opted for the Tsingtao. Best deal ‘evah, Gina!

The most pleasurable thing to enjoy at DHR are the dumplings and the soup. It’s a damn great price, too. We left almost three hours later and less than $20 poorer. Not bad for a good time and great company.

As you all know my dating life has been a very public failure. With Carina gone this weekend at the Tasty Awards and The Fancy Food Show, I hung out by myself a lot. I managed to see two movies: Youth in Revolt and Tom Ford’s new movie, A Single Man. At the end of each movie I came to the same realization. The realization was that I need to have the confidence to follow my heart. I spent the weekend alone and it helped me recognize that even though I know Josie, I really want to get to know her well. I’ve made the decision to not date for at least three months. That means no match.com and no dates. Wish me luck!



  1. Just got done watching “Youth in Revolt”. Want to have instant confidence? Do it up after “Young Victoria”. Kudos to rockin’ it solo this week.

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