Happy Birthday to our Youngest and Coolest UG!

My little brother and I have 14 years between us and yet when it comes right down to it we are both so ridiculously similar. He loves to laugh until his eyes water and eat until he can’t bear to move. I always tell him that he is a better foodie than me because the boy loves bacon! If it were up to him, every breakfast would consist of only sausage and bacon. Since I was in town for the Tasty Awards and have never missed one of his huge birthday shindigs I decided to give him a day where we could do whatever he wanted. We went to a Sharks game in the afternoon and then got BBQ in the evening. If you know me, you know that I am not a sports kind of a girl. Yes, I infamously mistook Cal Ripken Jr. for Tom Colicchio and I think Scrabble is a sport. Anyway, this was his day and the SJ Sharks were playing the Edmonton Oilers. The game was fun and our team won but the whole time I was thinking about BBQ.

I asked my dear fellow Twits where to get good BBQ in San Jo, and ButtercupD responded with Texas Smokehouse BBQ. My little brother is growing up in my hometown of Santa Cruz. There is a plethora of organic food, only 1 drive-thru, and a ton of vegetarians and vegans in Santa Cruz. When my brother was in Kindergarten I bought him a shirt that read: Vegans Taste Like Chicken. He wore it with pride and made his big sis so proud. This part of SJ that we went to for BBQ was nothing like he was used to. He got orange soda, white bread in ziploc bags (the sign of any good BBQ joint), corn muffins, a slab of ribs, black eyed peas, and yams. The food was awesome and it was good to teach him that Black Eyed Peas are more than the band that sings “Boom Boom Pow” one of his favorite songs to dance to.

The next day was his Sushi and Dancing birthday party. Last year, when he turned 8, he had a Sushi & Disco party at the same venue I Love Sushi in Santa Cruz. He was in the same party outfit from last year, did karaoke, blew out a candle on sushi, organized a worm-off, a coke drinking contest, and dance freeze. This brother of mine is so sophisticated not only does he love sushi but he also picked out a lemon poppyseed birthday cake with butter cream frosting from The Buttery.

Cody Bear, since today is your actual birthday, I wanted to wish you a very Happy 9th Birthday! Your UG Girls love you and can’t wait to see you again soon and eat with you! And, yes, as soon as we get a TV show you can be featured on it!


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