And So There Were Four

Photo Credit: The Daily Beast

So my partner in crime, Carina, was unable to make it to the Fancy Food Show in SF last week, but luckily the boys and girls of The Daily Beast were. (Their food section is called “The Hungry Beast” and well, the name alone brings tears of joy to my eyes.) They made a good list of the Top 10 Food Trends for 2010 and here are the trends that most arouse us:

Coconut water is the new water: Everyone’s been going Lady Gagas over coconut. My friend, who’s an avid athlete, drinks this stuff like crazy. Furthermore, I was surprised to see the very same water at Bikram yoga the other day. And despite the high caloric content of coconut, the health nuts seem to be taking it in like brown on rice. However, I will admit, it’s pretty damn good.

Try your exotics!: Your exotic citruses are usually crisp and clean in flavor. The UGs most enjoy blood oranges, guavas, passion fruits and kumquats. Not to mention that my best buddy, Carina, won’t eat frozen yogurt without her lychees. So go on and expand your culinary horizons and, if you haven’t already done so, visit your local Asian or Mexican market; the selection of exotic fruits is vast and you can’t beat the prices. We love these local fav’s: King’s Market in Altadena and Guerrero’s in Highland Park. You may just surprise yourself. Go on and try something different – we dare you! 😉

Well, pickle me stupidPickled anything (now don’t be vulgar, that’s our job) is a UG obsession that we both share. Everything from Kosher pickles, kimchi or ginger highlights any meal for us. In fact, I’d run over anyone who gets between me and a good sauerkraut. I’m just sayin’.

Two words: Bacon Sweets: Ever tasted bacon dark chocolate with Pop Rocks? Enough said.

The top pick went to organic chocolate. Now were not fans of organic anything and, in fact, I have to agree with Mr. Bourdain that it all seems like a crock of sh!@ agenda fueled by a market-driven empire. I hope I’m wrong, but really… four times the going rate for vegetables… I just don’t get it.



  1. Bacon chocolate? Awesome… What can’t bacon do. I’m look forward to somebody to come out with bacon ice cream.

    • Riight?! Sounds like a million dollar plan 🙂 PS – love the pics on your blog!

  2. Pig candy anyone? It’s really good! On the flip side, I love me some exotic fruits. Starfruit is delish & also great for presentation too!

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