Our Hot Picks with Big…Smiles: Hot Foodies in LA

If you care about food and good looking men in LA then you probably know the guy on the left. It is Chef Ludo, who is not only hot but has a French accent *swoon* and is one of the most creative chefs in the world. All of last month, I was obsessed with the Eater LA Sexiest Chef in LA contest. Ludo was a top contender but it was Danielle Keene of Bittersweet Treats who took the (cup)cake. She is the so-called Megan Fox of the LA food scene. Since, Josie and I are boy crazy girls we thought we would attempt to dig a little deeper to find the hottest men in food, drink, desserts and events in LA. If you look at the first pic, we want you to move your eyes to the man on the right who deserves some credit and who takes our first award of the post.

Hottest Cookbook Author: Eli of Freshman in the Kitchen.

Hottest Bartender: Skyler from Tony’s Saloon

Hottest Food/Alcohol/Dessert Event Thrower: Dan of Drink:Eat:Play

Hottest Chef You Don’t Know About: Ben of the Jonathan Club Beach

Hottest Drinking/Traveling TV Host: Zane Lamprey of Three Sheets

Since Josie and I are not men, we have no interest in blowing our load all at once. We want to make this a regular series, a “Hunk of the Month Club” if you will. We think that this will allow us to continue to meet hot men in the LA food scene and we need your help. Who must we meet? Gentleman, should we include some babes?


  1. Great idea! If they’re single I’m sure business will be booming.

  2. As always, you ladies are wonderfully uncouth! Great post!

  3. @Jennie: You and I will be there for sure! 🙂 Hugs!

    @HotPinkMonolos: I LOVE YOU! Escape the truck and some out and have some beers with us! Miss you!

  4. Yes, of course, hot Babes! We’re not all female readers you know. Some of us are male, male K9’s!

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