Shower Thy Coworker with Banana Nut Bread and Thou Shall be Pardoned

I was at work minding my own business when WET’s version of the trench coat mafia, Jason, came busting through the door with about a dozen white boxes. An avid baker and food enthusiast, Jason, loves to routinely tease me with pictures of his creations on his Facebook newsfeed. Today he came in and whipped out two small loaves of banana bread for four of us and distributed them around our design garage. We all looked at each other in disbelief and wondered, “Was it Be Nice to Your Coworker Day”? It wasn’t. Jason was just being nice to us. The WET folks have been primed to expect such nice things from Jason now. Ahhh… He even stamps everything with his own brand, Baked By Baldwin. I think he moonlights as a baker.

Here’s the Epicurious recipe he used for this banana nut bread. Yum! It’s got no butter but lots of creme fraiche.

When I asked him what the impetus to this bake-off was he responded by saying, “I had 24 bananas in the freezer that would not stay and I couldn’t close the door so …” Jesting aside, according to KPMG “the traditional neighbourhood support networks are being replaced by those we spend most of our time with – our co-worker. The fact that people are more likely to befriend a co-worker than their neighbour speaks volumes about the way we now live our lives.” Take for instance Carina and I. We spend almost every waking moment of the day communicating and well, we kind of share a brain.


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  1. This post just made me crack up because I went to an event last year where we had to camp out & I brought some banana bread which earned me some new friends & the nickname banana bread girl!

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