International Wine Fest: Hollywood Style

There are times when I simply love my job: bringing this blog to you. Last Saturday was one of these days. After my Sri Lankan food crawl with friends, I decided to venture out of traffic on the 101 and head into Hollywood. I got my nails painted and paid double what I normally pay ($8 instead of $4). It was on Melrose so I endured the street mark-up. Plus they offered me a beer and perhaps the longest time since a nail has chipped, so it was worth it. After this indulgent day, I gave my leftover Sri Lankan food to a homeless man because of that annoying new Kesha song, “‘Cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back.” I knew it would be awhile before that food hit a fridge. I stayed in Hollywood and went to the International Wine Fest thrown by Drink:Eat:Play. Since I was without Josie I hit the wine extra hard until running into some of Dan’s (the event thrower) friends that I met at his Party Bus Birthday. If you know how to throw a great birthday then you know how to throw great events, which is why we try and make it to all of Dan’s shindigs. One of Dan’s friends, Louise, made sure I made the switch from white to red and was my party companion from the night. So, what wines were great?

The one that we all loved and were entering the name into our cell phones, as to not let our drunk selves forget, was Calcu. It was a Chilean blend made of 65% Cab. If there is one thing in life I truly love, it is a fab cab. This was it. Another wine that I enjoyed, but didn’t have the masses behind was a wine called Festivo, an Argentinian Malbec. It was so mild and perfect. No strong aftertaste. It was funny because my makeshift date for the night was Louise, who is quite the fireball. She was loving the spiciest and peppery wines and I was doing something I never thought I, a UG, would do. I was drinking and dumping. I finally understand, if you want to taste, sample, and critique as many wines as possible then you can’t be that drunk. The best thing about Dan’s events is that he always plans ahead. He had K & L Wine Merchants who had more than 4 tables brings wine. What does this mean? It means anything you like you can easily buy only a few blocks away.

Aside from the regular Renaissance Hollywood Hotel food spread there were some unexpected treats. One thing I loved were these delicious one bites from our new friend Adam at Viva La Foodies and some sweets from Bittersweet Treats.

Just like Sake Fest and the Speakeasy that came before, this event was a complete win.

After the event ended I was feeling a little tipsy and hung around with Dan passing out flyers for free cover and a drink at the exclusive Boulevard 3 on Sunset. Dan and I grabbed a bite at Lucky Devils and I consumed my first sloppy joe in probably 15 years. It was bomb. Dan, who has hosted the Gourmet 5 Year Old party with lobster mac n cheese, has a special appreciation for comfort food done right.

We were serenaded to a great rap song on Hollywood Blvd. while we waited for the car and met up with Josie at Boulevard 3 where Dan had the hook-up.

Truth has it, neither Josie or I are Hollywood club girls. Sure we have been to Le Deux but we stay away from such places on weekends. Boulevard 3 was without question our best club experience in Hollywood. We were escorted to our (Dan’s) table and treated completely like VIPs (unusual for us UGs). We had some free drink flyers but forget about that, everyone (including the commoners, us on a regular night) gets free tacos and chocolate fondue all night. Plus there were dancers on the stage that we could all watch. Not just cute girls but men…hot men with incredible bodies. This lead all of us ladies to ask the question: Why don’t more clubs do this?

A huge thanks to Dan and Boulevard 3 for expanding our palates, whether it be with wine or the Hollywood club experience, and for making us feel like VIPs instead of UGs, even if just for a night!


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  1. cool event, we’ll look for the Calcu, thanks!

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