Food Ballin’: Reminiscing on my Elite Days

I know the Super Bowl is coming up and normally my feminist response to that is always, “Oh, you mean the day with the highest rate of domestic violence.” Sure, I am a buzz kill but I just don’t get football, what I do understand is being a food baller. I believe this whole concept began on New Years Eve when A.K. told her hubby, Chuck, that we were carb-loading in preparation for the last night of 2009. He was puzzled and said, “What do you guys think you are a football team?” It was at that point when we decided we are a food balling team. We have eating marathon and can drink enormous quantities due to our properly padded tummies. Anyway, to continue on with the metaphor, last Thursday was a big game day. The line-up was insane there were many plays to be had. Okay, I really don’t know any more sports terminology or references to keep this up, sorry. First on the list, I had lunch with Minty at Church & State. This meal was then to be followed by dinner and drinks at Oinkster and last on the list was a Yelp Elite event at Little Cave. I am a strong believer that if you want strong bones than you must eat bone marrow.

We began with more than just bone marrow, we also had the brussel spouts with dates, and the mac n cheese. Now, let me start by saying, I have been to Church & State several times but normally sit at the bar and have a few cocktails and order a couple of plates. This was my first time to have a whole actual meal and also there were three of us at the table just so you know that the Minty and I weren’t the only ones throwing down. The bone marrow was fatty deliciousness. Had I been more uncouth and not sharing with two other ladies, I would  have grabbed it with my hands and gnawed the rest off with my teeth. I have had the mac n cheese several times before and it was as good (read: buttery) as I remembered. However, it was the brussel sprouts that stole the show. I feel like I say it in every post but I love fruit in almost every dish and the dates added so much to the dish (that’s what people say about me. Relax, I kid). On Thursday is when I started my seafood weekend by ordering the Loup de Mer, which was Sea Bass, chanterelle mushrooms, red flame and Thompson seedless grapes. I ordered the full order, which was good because in this small serving I needed both pieces of fish. Anyone knowing me and seeing grapes on the menu, would know this is what I’d order. It was delicious and a total Carina dish. Minty had the Bouillabaisse (full order, of course, she was on game day) and the other lady in our party had the small order of Steak Frites.

It was nice to have my first real meal at C & S. The lunch crowd rush was massive and loud but the whole time I felt like I was in New York. Things then mellowed out and I remembered I was in LA when we realized that the guy next to us was Duff from Ace of Cakes and he later was talking to Chef Walter. By the way, Josie proclaims that every time she is at C & S she sees someone famous. I am not sure I believe her but I know we did once see Mrs. Elvis (Priscilla Presley) at the bar next to us. Oh and the best part of the meal was Minty had a 30% off coupon from BBE. After lunch, I headed back to Pasadena and disgustingly grabbed a cupcake, because I was already so stuffed, and ended up detouring to my house for a nap. It was now 3:30 and I had dinner at 6:30 at the Oinkster, so appropriate I know. We were planning on doing a pitcher of Solidarity from our boys at Eagle Rock Brewery but they were sold out. I was “good” and instead got a burger, chili cheese fries, and a Telegraph White. I had a few bites of ClimbinChiro piggy fries (their version of In-n-Out’s animal fries) and the pastrami. I also had the most uncouth moment by shaking the bbq sauce, which turned out to be the thinner Carolina BBQ sauce that then flew out and landed all over the seat and table of our lounge neighbors. I called it the lounge because it is the low square Ikea tables as opposed to the normal height tables on the other side. The food was really good and I sure felt like a piggy.

Our last stop of the night was the Yelp Elite party. The theme for the night was B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Sombrero). You may have heard I am sad that I don’t have Elite status in 2010. I know the solution, I must write more reviews, but it seems exhausting. Minty knows I am sad with my new position (or lack there of) so she let me be her +1. Why are Yelp Elite Events great? Free food, free booze, and you get to see somewhat awkward foodies and internet creepers get wasted. That is like all of my favorite things. We got to Little Cave on time, you have to for these events because food always go fast. I was sombrero-less for the night but don’t worry I kept myself busy. Jarritos was one of their sponsors so I had several drinks of that mixed with tequila. I ran into a ton of old friends, people I’ve dated, and one guy I just walked up to and  said, “I’ve been to a party at your house in Echo Park.” Since Dawson is no longer with Yelp LA I have been kind of anti, but the truth of the matter is that I really like Yelpers. I love the drama, I love food talkin, and I love the events. There were perfect Mexican chocolate cupcakes from Cakified and tacos from Ricos Tacos that serve every Thursday at Little Cave. I met the new CM Katie B., got my Yelp lunch box, took way too many lollipops, and had a great time. Mark my words, I will be back to my Elite Status sometime in 2010 so I can be a stronger Food Baller….I am first string material…you saw how much I just ate.


  1. What a crazy day that was! Was it only last week? Food Ballers For Life, yo!

  2. Just found a pic of you looking at your lunch box.

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