Super Bowl: Food Ballin Edition Part I

I’ve made it clear on numerous posts that we are more Food Ballers than we are football fans. That’s why when it was the big game day we chose to not watch the game but rather eat like Super Bowl Champs. When you think big manly food you may think hot dogs, but what if I told you that hot dogs are for starters? Josie lived/ate that notion on Super Bowl Sunday. We met Minty and friends at the brand new hot dog place in Pasadena, Slaw Dogs, that had their official opening only the day before.

I began with the picnic hot dog, which came with onion rings, BBQ sauce, and potato salad on the dog. Of course, I made it a combo which comes with your choice of side, soda, and a little piece of fudge to finish off the meal. I got sweet potato fries and a Diet Coke. Josie also made hers a combo but got regular (Belgian) fries and a regular Coke. However, she chose to build her own dog with grilled onions and a fried egg on top. I am starting to think our tastes are too predictable.

My hot dog could have been better but I blame myself for bad ordering. I tried several other hot dogs that day and my favorite was the Thai Slaw dog. It had that nice peanut flavor and was delish. After further inspection of the menu I totally should have ordered that, it is comes with: chicken sausage, spicy peanut-coconut satay dressing, cilantro-carrot slaw, crushed peanuts, and siracha aioli (I can make a joke about hot cock mixed with white sauce, but I will restrain). Josie ate her meal like a normal person but the whole time was eying ClimbinChiro’s monstrosity of a hot dog called the TNT (pictured in the main photo). It is the priciest of the dogs at $8.88. This isn’t like the $9 dogs at Wurstkuche, this is a hot dog that throws in everything but the kitchen sink and wraps it up in a huge flour tortilla blanket. What do I mean by everything? A 10″ dog, chili, cheese, bacon pastrami, fries, grilled onions, with the option of a fried egg. Josie ran to the counter and grabbed one for herself. Yup, she got a full hot dog meal and then went back for the mother of all hot dogs. Josie has been so busy with work that she has yet to really meet members of our food ball team. However, her and the Climbing Chiro instantly bonded over their love of hot dogs and their annoyance in caring for their women (me and ClimbingDancer). They both ordered for us ladies so we can sit and gossip, held out their dogs to share with us girls, and even shared their straw when I complained I had none and my teeth were cold from drinking from the cup. I am difficult and even though Josie was sad from the events of the night before she was still a good friend/mother/husband to me.

Oh yeah, back to the Slaw Dogs, right before we left we all got our fudge that had just been cut and cooled. Overall, it was a great experience that TNT thing was pretty incredible. I am stoked that they are working on permits and will be pairing hot dogs with beer and wine from local independent vendors. I have an affinity for Pasadena Craftsman and Josie likes Solidarity from the Eagle Rock Brewery guys, the owner told us he will have both and more. Granted they had only really been open for a day but I have 2 suggestions: upgrade the buns and let people sit down and order. My bun couldn’t withstand the potato salad and the bread quality was nothing special. Anyway, we all liked it and are ready to delve deeper in to the menu in the upcoming months. As far as the Super Bowl of food goes this was only the first 1/2 we still have halftime and the last 1/2 to cover. I am breaking this game day into 3 parts because, frankly, I am kind of embarrassed by how much we ate in a day.



  1. I saw a tweet from Slaw Dogs asking for a bakery for hot dog buns so I think they know they need better buns.

    Or would that be tight ends if we’re going with a football analogy?

    • Tight ends?! You’re so clever, Minty!

  2. I had no idea about this place! It is going on my Pasadena restaurant bucket list.

    How did their sweet potato fries rank?

  3. […] to eat pho outside of San Gabriel and I rarely go north of the 210 on Lake. Sure my new favorite hot dog place is up there, there’s good Salvadoran food, Bulgarini gelato, and those cupcakes that I try […]

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