Super Bowl: Food Ballin-This is how we Roll-Part II

On Super Bowl Sunday it was hot dogs that were the first 1/2 of the game and it was egg rolls that were the half time of our big food ballin day. We were recently put in contact with Diana of Diane’s Eggrolls through a mutual friend. Diane is a girl with a business and culinary background that is trying to combine both into a new business. She has come up with fun imaginative egg rolls that she hopes to sell at art walks, farmers markets, and more. She was kind enough to let us come to her house and try her creations on Sunday and we brought or Food Ballin Captain, Minty, along to try them out. What do we mean by imaginative: cheeseburger, breakfast, pizza, mango, banana and more. She had several options for us sitting on the counter that had been removed from the freezer and were ready to fry. She asked us to choose a few and separate the sweet ones because they would be fried separately. Minty and I got “normal” portions of 4 each. However, our little Josie who had multiple hot dogs prior loaded up her plate with upwards of 7 egg rolls.

Josie liked the breakfast one a lot with the potato, sausage, and egg. I have long been a fan of pizza rolls so I liked the pizza ones and the veggie. I also am the one with a sweet tooth so I liked the one stuffed with mango.  Minty, on the other hand, liked the cheeseburger one, here are her pics and write-up of the event.

After we all devoured the egg rolls, Diana had a surprise for us. She created a brand new egg roll and we were going to be the first to try it AND she was going to let us help roll it. I have a book on origami that I sometimes attempt to tackle, so I thought I was going to be great at rolling this. I also grew up in Santa Cruz, relax I was never that kind of kid. The concept was a strawberry cheesecake egg roll. It would contain strawberries and cream cheese and crushed vanilla wafers. I laid out the wonton paper and sealed the edge with flour and water. I must have made a joke because Josie laughed and spit a crumb on my perfect and yet to be filled skin. Yup, she uncouthly sabotaged me. I was angry but I still rolled a beautiful egg roll.

This final egg roll that was created on this day was by far my favorite. I kept trying to get Diana to either name it the Uncouth Gourmand roll or the Hello Kitty roll. My fingers are crossed, but I don’t think she will. Either way they were topped with whipped cream and dusted with powdered sugar. This proves that anything, if the ingredients are good quality, can deliciously be rolled up and fried to perfection. Yup, this is how we rolled on game day. Remember folks, we are only at Part II of our three part Super Bowl Food Ballin Sunday.

If you, too, would like to roll like a food baller contact Diana about catering your next event! You can be the first of your foodie friends to know about the fusion gourmet egg roll trend.



  1. lulz. I’m the captain of the food ballers? Funny enough, sometimes people do call me Captain Minty.

    Great post!

  2. I can definitely see this catching on in LA. Best of luck to Diana!

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