Super Bowl (Hot Pot): Food Ballin Part III

Thank the foodie/blogger gods that football season is over. I am completely depleted of all the sports analogies I know. However, this photo reminds me of the hot pot additions on offensive ready to tackle this two-toned yin yang hot pot of spicy goodness. That’s right after clobbering and gobbling Slaw Dogs and Diana’s Egg Rolls we headed over to Mon Land Hot Pot City. My ex-boyfriend and his friends loved Little Fat Sheep in Monterey Park so that used to be my hot pot place but I have heard better things about Mon Land. The broth is supposed to be better and those medicinal roots, balls, and barks at Mon Land are bigger so can be removed from your soup without accidentally biting into them. Now I have experienced many things in my 20+ years of dining but on Sunday one of the strangest moments occurred. Like at most hot pot places there is a sheet with all of the possible add-ons that you check off from. Our table of food ballers had a system. First, I check off what I wanted and then Josie went and lastly it was Minty‘s turn. Apparently, we went a little nuts because the server came over and said one word, “No!” Apparently we had gone too far in our ordering. You mean ordering every variety of mushroom and tofu is excessive? There was a lot we were unwilling to budge on but we crossed off cilantro as soon as she said there was a full station of cilantro, green onions and red sauce nearby. Holla, this women saved us some money.

All of the mushrooms, especially the one titled “black fungus”, were great soup additions. We had king oyster and regular oyster mushrooms in the mix. Minty was correct that tofu is one of the best add-in. We had bean curd, frozen tofu, and soft tofu, and tofu sticks in our soup and they were absorbent and perfect.

The soup was really good and the spice was perfect. I also have zero qualms about needing an extra table for all of hot pot additions. It was a great food balling day and I love that we ended Super Bowl Sunday with a Super Bowl of Hot Pot. Yes, I don’t really care about sports and would only root for the Colts because Letterman is from Indiana. However, New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the United States. It gave me the best burger of my life at Port of Call and is truly a giant neighborhood in the midst of a renaissance. Here is my post from when I was there last year and a big congrats to the Saints. However, the only real competition to the the Saints winning the Super Bowl was the the UGs and Minty having a Food Ballin day and Hot Pot at Mon Land Hot Pot City.

Mon Land Hot Pot City
251 W. Bencamp St
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 289-4889



  1. thanks so much for this! i haven’t had hot pot since my time in beijing over a year ago. sounds like this place is authentic, since we used to get the same reaction when ordering!

    do you have any hot pot recommendations closer to (old town) pasadena that are worth going to, or is this the closest?

    • This is probably the best and closest. You must explore SG it is all authentic food and SO reasonably priced.

  2. Yeah, I actually think now we ordered too much but it was still so good and a perfect way to end our food ballin’ day!

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