Stir It 28: A Stirring Success!

Last night in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles groups of food bloggers rallied together in effort to raise some money and relief for Haiti. I am not sure how the other events went but I will say that the Los Angeles event was spectacular! Josie was in San Diego for her aunt’s baby shower so I knew I would be flying solo at this event. Many of the food bloggers would be contributing two dishes, but without my other half I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. It is a good thing I just offered to be an event volunteer because after my sugar coma from judging the Cupcake Challenge the day before and a week of late nights, I would have never been able to keep my eyes open to cook edible food. Out of all of the Stir It 28 events the Los Angeles one was the only one that took place in a private residence…and what a private residence it was. I arrived a little after 3 to a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills. There was valet for guests so I parked down the street and entered the home. The home was offered for the fundraiser by a fellow food blogger, Greg of Sippity Sup. It was a perfect party house with a beautiful kitchen. When I walked in I saw DianaTakesABite, GastronomyBlog, LAOCFoodie, and some other friends preparing their dishes in the kitchen. Since I didn’t bring a dish I found the organizer Chrystal from DuoDishes and asked her what I could help with. She explained to me that Nastassia from LetMeEatCake was unable to attend due to work so asked if I could plate her food and pass it out in the first shift. I happily took on this role because her food was beautiful. She made tabbouleh and S’mores bars. I put her sticker on the platter and when Diana told me I looked enough like Natassia I just decided to play her for the night.

We passed out food to all of the guests and I was impressed to see my Blogger Prom favorites: The Liquid Muse was there with incredible Grey Goose Vodka cocktails she created and so was the one and only Cheese Impersario. After H.C. and I were done passing food we grabbed some cheese and a cocktail and had a blast. He ordered the Celery Delight with Grey Goose Le Citron, celery, cilantro, lime juice, and simple syrup. Trust me, this later became my drink of the night. By the way, in the final cocktail picture, hand model credit goes to H.C. (LAOCFoodie).

Even though I was a volunteer I still got to sample some tasty treats made by my fellow food bloggers. Diana Takes a Bite made tuna bouchans with a lemon parsley dressing that we all went nuts over. She also was my hero of the night as she was not tempted by all the chocolate sweets. She had given it up for lent and even though she was surrounded by desserts she withheld. Can you imagine, a food blogger with self-control? Who would have thunk it?

Aside from seeing all my favorites in the LA food blogging world, I also made some new friends. One of these new friends was a girl that I knew only by her Bacon Brownies that I sampled at Eat My Blog. Her name is Domestic Divas and she brought her same delicious brownies to this event along with what she referred to as white trash egg salad. This egg salad was combined with bacon, stuffed in a mini pita, and topped with a cocktail olive.

The Domestic Diva and I worked the sign-in table together and instantly became friends over talks of food, literature, Hillary Clinton, and astrology. We sold raffle tickets and then later set up the gift bags. It was a fantastic night. Delicious food and drinks were served, money was raised for a good cause, and new friendships were made. If you were unable to attend the event, have no fear, you can still donate to the Stir It 28 cause until the end of the month. All you have to do is visit Flanboyant Eats or Coco Cooks and click the Paypal donate button.

Whenever I am involved in blogger events I am always impressed by everyone’s  ingenuity, spirit, and ability to put on fantastic events. It is a group that I am so proud to be a member of and I can’t wait for the next Eat My Blog and Blogger Prom! Congratulations Stir It 28 on a fantastic night and as Chrystal from Duo Dishes put it, WOW!



  1. celery delight was also my favorite…congrats to chrsytal!

  2. Thanks for posting this! Your help was very appreciated. You worked that door with ease! Keep us posted on upcoming LA tweet ups…

  3. Thank you so much for passing out my food and being me for the night. Next time you can’t make something I will play you for the night in return. You are super sweet! Wish I could have made it, everything looked so tasty and fun. What a success. See you at BloggerProm if not sooner!

  4. Great write up! I loved meeting you and I only wish we could talk more! Please include me in on this Prom you mentioned. GREG

  5. Thanks for the photoshop manicure 😉 and definitely an amazing event with amazing folks!

  6. Great round-up! Especially since you said everyone went nuts for my bouchons. 🙂 I like compliments. You give very nice ones, so good work! You also do a great Nastassia. Good work there, too.

    Fun seeing you!

  7. Thanks so much for the write up and helping Chrystal out in LA! It looks like you all partied in fashionable sense! We rocked the house in ATL! Check out pics here:

  8. It was a wonderful event, so excited to have been a part of it, too. Great writeup!

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  11. not sure if we met at the event, but you recapped the party nicely! there was just so much variety of food that i really had to stop eating! it was a sweet success, indeed.

  12. Rock on! Thanks for the shout out, my fellow diva!! Love your pics and write up!

    jen (The Domestic Diva)

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