The Dim Sum Truck takes it to the Streets

I love me some dim sum! In fact, as I am typing this, the closest book to my bed is the Dim Sum of All Things. It is because of my love of dim sum that I was so bummed that I missed the Dim Sum Truck sampling in the VIP section at the LA Street Food Fest last week. I was busy volunteering, waiting in line, and searching for a missed Josie that I never got to try any. Thankfully, Minty forwarded me an e-mail that they would be doing a private sampling of the truck only a day before the official launch. I emailed the proprietor, Alex, and asked if I could tag along. He agreed and I set out on Sunday to the TLofts to see this new truck that was surrounded by bloggers, Yelpers, and street food enthusiasts. The first dish I tried was the the mixed Pork & Shrimp Shu Mai dumplings and the Shrimp Har Gow dumplings. Both were quite good and something where I would normally have to drive all the way to San Gabriel to buy a decent version of these dumplings.

The buns were the next dish that I saw people eating along with dessert. There was a Baked BBQ Pork bun and a Steamed Chicken and Mushroom bun. I am normally more of a dumpling girl, but after sampling the gingery chicken I waited in the small line to get a bun plate for myself. The next few plates I tried were all caught by special sightings. Jenny, who I first met at ramen on the night of my first car accident, would suddenly point at the truck with big eyes when a new dish would emerge and we would all run over to stand in line. Everyone’s eyes got big and we all indulged in the new plates. We got some Lotus Wrapped Sticky Rice and Turnip Cake before we dug into the desserts. The Egg Tart and Lotus Sesame Balls were just sweet enough and utterly delicate, and according to Minty the tart was torched just before serving.

I really enjoyed this sampling, Alex, and the truck concept. Talking to some folks at the event I learned that Alex is an entrepreneur in his early twenties and that he is from San Jose, California. I may be biased as I also meet this profile, although I am from 20 miles west of San Jose (Santa Cruz), but I was impressed. I am very excited about what he is trying to do in terms of sharing Dim Sum with all of LA. For me, living in Pasadena gives me close proximity to very good dim sum but not all of LA (the West side) is that fortunate. I have long been a fan of dim sum in carts and being able to grab whatever appeals to you and the genius of dim sum in a truck is that it can now travel further and share it’s deliciousness with a much larger group of people. The truck is now official launched so you know the drill: follow it on Twitter and tell me what the full menu, which includes lunchboxes and Peking Duck Tacos, is like.



  1. Great post! I love looking at your pics and comparing them to mine. It’s like looking in a mirror since they’re always the opposite angle of mine.

    • Funny story: Your link was the last thing I had copied on my computer and when I went to paste our link on FB I didn’t even notice it was yours. I was going through the sample image pics for 5 minutes trying to find the main picture before I realized that they were all from your post.

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