Sizzling Hot Good Times Despite Lukewarm Bartenders

Minty has become one of my best foodie friends and she is also the one I look up to as my leader, crawl leader that is. This past Friday night was the Hot Bartender Crawl #2 that she organized in Los Feliz. I lived in Los Feliz for two years one street west of Vermont so consider this area my old stomping ground. My ex-boyfriend and I spent Sundays being serenaded by the accordion player at Palermos, eating Mac n Cheese balls at Fred 62 at 4A, and endless days playing scrabble at the Leonardo DiCaprio library, Psycohobabble, SBux, and the Daily Grind. This was my old hood and I have a ton of memories in this little couple block neighborhood. I was excited for the evening and even brought along my friend Nora and her boyfriend, who assumed we were referring to hot female bartenders when he agreed to come. As Minty describes this event, it is a Bachelorette Party without the bride. As a girl that used to work for Bride’s Night Out, the nation’s premiere Bachelorette Party Planning Company, I knew this would be a night right up my alley. Here was the line-up for the crawl:

Figaro Bistrot

I arrived a little early with my friends and we decided to sit outside and grab a little bite along with the our cocktail. I walked in to the bar saw the Minty and I met Jennie from The Happy Hour Tour. She was fantastic and I was bummed I missed the Happy Hour with the HHT girls and Josie a few months ago. I walked back to my table and thought I would catch up with the girls later but I thought there was still a silly way that I could be involved with what was going on in the bar. I was sitting next to two Italian men that were getting ready to go. I told them to walk in the bar and ask for “The Minty” and tell them Carina says hi. The man did so, Minty thought she she should stop 4sq’ing due to stalkers, and I sat outside laughing. Figaro lived up to the crawl name by having a Hot Bartender. His name was Ventura and little did I know he’d be the only hot one of the night. He was adorable and as friendly as can be. Here is a picture of Jennie and I with him, but unfortunately his eyes are closed. Check the Minty’s post for a better pic and another recap of the fantastic GNO (Girls Night Out)!

Agave Tequila House y Cantina

This second location was far bigger than the first and I was joined by my other UG half and one of my favorite Twitter/Techie friends Veronica of VeronicainLA and Venturing with a Vengance. The problem with this place was that the bartender wasn’t nearly as cute and he as an “actor” didn’t want his picture taken. Yes, that makes less than no sense to me, as well. The mojito here was described by Minty as “Weak as Hell”.

1739 Public House

The third stop had no male bartenders but a ton of guys in the establishment. I have issues with sports bars so I was not into it. But Josie, who is a beer drinker and more of the man, loved it. Oh yes, and she is B-O-Y-C-R-A-Z-Y and this place was filled with them.

Rockwell VT

The Rockwell is where the night once again picked up. The cocktails were better, we had a cute bartender, and sometimes a tease is exactly what the ladies want. What do I mean by a tease? Well, there are a ton of gay men at the Rockwell so we got the eye candy even if we couldn’t taste it. Whatever this was a girls night and at this venue I think there was a total of 30 of us girl crawlers. I got the same Champagne Rocktail that I enjoyed many of on my birthday celebration a few months back and Minty got a beautiful drink called the Gemini with grilled grapefruit.

Dresden Room

The Marty and Elaine locale was to be the last stop of the night. It was here that we got our only group picture of the night. Minty and I who are self-proclaimed food ballers had done a terrible job eating this day, so let’s just say alcohol was hitting us harder and faster. As the group headed home at around 1A, Minty, Veronica, and I headed to Fred 62. There was a 20 minutes wait so we walked across the street and instead went to House of Pies, home to many of my dessert dates and outings with the kids I used to nanny. I got a hamburger, Veronica had onion rings, and Minty had a bacon avacado burger. Maybe it was from all of the booze but my burger was perfection and a great end to a successful Girls Night Out and Hot Bartender Crawl!

Minty has more crawls up her sleeve and I am so stoked about her next bar crawl in WeHo called Gays & Dolls. It pairs hetero women with gay men. I have wanted a Will for my Grace for so long that I even went back and found a classified ad I wrote in search of a gay boyfriend nearly a year ago. As much fun as I have with my girlfriends I am looking for some that are, well, men.



  1. Great post! I snuck a photo of the bartender at Agave, but it’s blurry. I’ll be sure to submit it to E! for his True Hollywood Story.

    • I’m still wondering how this “actor” bartender at Agave is going to make it being so unfriendly!

      • Whatevs… he obviously doesn’t understand that any publicity is good publicity, and seeing as he is a “serious actor” I’ll be sure to go back to that bar and ask for his autograph after he stars in a Valtrex commercial or something.

        In other news, thanks for inviting me ladies! I had an awesome time.

  2. There were a whole ‘lotta hormones going on that night. Thanks, Minty.

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