Dolled Up for Oscar Sunday: The JW Marriott at LA Live

Have you been to the new JW Marriott at LA Live? If you haven’t, fear not because we did the legwork for you. We just love you that much.

On Oscar Sunday we picked up our newest downtown friend and decided to try out the new swanky hotel. Being broke, I sought out an old vintage find from Le Closet Josie and busted out the lipstick. Carina decided to wear her old prom dress. Truth be told, she’s only 23 and, well, it really wasn’t that long ago. Furthermore, the swishy man she took as her prom date thought it was beautiful. So get one thing straight: he wasn’t. Uh huh, Gina! On that note, at the end of the night I asked Chris if he had a good time. His response, “Carina had me in heels all night,” I said, “Oh, like on your toes?!” His response, “Yes, genius.”

*** Note: We’re on the market for a gay boyfriend. One that likes to cuddle, doesn’t like to make-out, and can’t break our hearts. Any takers? Email us or come to Gays & Dolls next Friday. 🙂

The Oscars is one of many of Carina’s annual highlights. Watching Carina watch them is an emotional roller-coaster. It’s like the UG husband equivalent of the Super Bowl and she warns me every year not to ruin it for her. FYI – Not ruining a popular event like this translates to me staying as happily quiet as possible and feeding her goodies during commercial breaks. I really don’t mind. And let the gay rumors continue…

Uber impressed by the ostentatious hotel landscape, we entered the Ritz-Carlton’s sister hotel and had a seat at one of the hotel’s four bars, The Mixing Room. I, Josie, have a place in my heart for designer furniture and I was both shocked and impressed by some of the tawdry furniture. Some of those pieces were worth more than my car. We sat down and after a bit of waiting the waitress came up to us. I asked why the place was empty on a busy day like this and her response was “I don’t know but I sure don’t want to be here.” My first impression: “Wow, if you don’t want to be here then why would we?” It wasn’t a good first impression but we tried to overlook it and order some cocktails and food. Everything on the bar menu was priced at $9 and cocktails were anywhere from $10-$12.

We ordered the rueben fingers with dijon, a ham and cheese grilled sandwich (also served with dijon), the meatball sliders, the edamame, the beef satays, and the handmade andouille sausage.  I was most partial to the sausage and the rueben fingers, Carina liked the meatball sliders the most, and Chris liked the satays. Despite the premium price on the food and drink, I could justify the price given the environment.

It was their first attempt at pleasing us and for the most part, the JW Marriott at LA Live was good. Cocktails were good but the service and food were just mediocre. However, we always give second chances and the space was beautiful so we’ll surely be back. The Ritz-Carlton portion of the hotel is opening up next week so we’ll definitely be back.

L.A. Live, 900 W. Olympic Blvd. (at Figueroa), Los Angeles, 213 765-8600,



  1. Is it me or does the bar look like it belongs in “Tomorrowland” at Disneyland. Like someone from the 1950s said “let’s design a bar of the fuuuturrreee!” This is not a compliment, by the way.

  2. Look like it’s time to dust off my gay boy persona and drop by the bar crawl next weekend.

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