Sushi Roku: Dining with Delicious Food and The Delicious

Once upon a time ago when we started our blog, we seldom left Pasadena. After exploring almost every crevice of Pasadena, we went on to downtown Los Angeles and haven’t left. However, when our westsider, The Delicious, told us that she would be in Pasadena, we quickly jumped at the opportunity to stay local on a rainy Saturday night. I was at work, but Carina and Delicious went to Rosso Wine Shop and picked up some bottles for someone’s birthday before going on to Sushi Roku. I had been once before and wasn’t that impressed but I gave it a second shot. So I met them there after work and we ended up staying hours. The place was different, the meal was better, and the service was impeccable. Here’s the yummy stuff that we sampled while there.

Wes, the GM and friend of The Delicious, was tending after us this day and he recommended a few goodies. I couldn’t eat the fish and so the girls had the scallops on a potato chip all on top of some avacado. They enjoyed it. Since I could not have the scallops, I tried the filet mignon wrapped asparagus with soy yuzu dressing. It was a slightly scorched bundle of wrapped joy. (Ok, that sounded vulgar but I really can’t help it sometimes.) But wait, we didn’t stop there, we went for a few more rounds (also called courses by normal people).

Next was an interesting but very tempting sashimi that were served atop with micro greens and parmesan. Delicious, not a fan of micro celery, didn’t have any but I could tell Carina enjoyed it very much – she ate all of it. Next up was a fish-less trio. There were green beans, chicken yakatori, and sesame marinated eggplant. All were to my liking and the girls moved to the endive with tuna filling portion of their apps, which were garnished with edible flowers. Presentation was definitely above what I remembered it being a few years back and much tastier, too.

I’m a big fan of veggie rolls and burdock root. Carina and Delicious are not a fan of the bitterness of burdock so I had the roll all to myself. I was particularly impressed that my roll was wrapped in a cucumber shell. An avid fan of Iron Chef Japan, I know the rigor that it takes to peel a cucumber like that. I’ve seen Iron Chef Sakai effortlessly tackle the arduous skill time and time again with a gargantuan sized knife in seconds. I’ve also tried it before and just ended up wasting a shit load of cucumbers; so the fact that they did it for us made me particularly impressed.

For our entrees (yes, we were not finished), the girls moved to sushi and I got a perfectly cooked NY Rib-eye with buttery mash potatoes and haricot vert. Delicious and Carina thought it was too rare, but I always order rare so it was perfect. (My dad often wonders if I’m really Mexican because he likes his meat cooked well-done. I ask myself if I’m really his daughter.) The butter content in all the components of my entree would disgust some people, but to a uncouth gourmand like myself, it was heaven. I don’t let a little thing like good health get in the way of my hedonistic pleasures and I devoured the whole meal. It was funny because when Wes came by to see if we wanted anything else, I said I wasn’t really hungry and then, of course, I ordered a steak entree with a piece of meat bigger than my head.

For dessert we had the bread pudding with a caramel sauce that was made from, get this, croissants. Croissants are one of my favorite foods, mainly because of the butter ratio, and to see them in a full fledged dessert was magnificent and delicious.

Sushi Roku has changed for the better over the last few years. From the caliber of service to the presentation to the food – it was a pleasure on all fronts. There were a few dishes that were better than others but hey, when you’re in good company those small imperfections fall to the wayside. I hear they have a great happy hour so I’ll most certainly be back to Sushi Roku.

Cuisine: Sushi, Japanese
Neighborhood: Pasadena
One Colorado
33 Miller Alley
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 683-3000

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  1. Thanks for the great post. Always fun to read and now of course I need to venture up to Pasadena for Sushi. Your Blogs, Facebook and tweets are always informative and entertaining.

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