Generous Friends: Food Sharin’ OG Style

On Saturday, Minty and I headed to two events put on by three very generous friends. The first event was hosted by one of my favorite Yelpers, Javier J., who took it upon himself to make free bacon wrapped hot dogs for all. There was no catch; he just wanted to feed everyone some dogs. The event was celebrating the first day of Spring, the start of the new season of Breaking Bad, and was also called the “SECOND Annual Montgomery Burns Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence BACON BBQ EVENT!” (Though I am not sure I understand that Simpsons reference). The event was held in Griffith Park, a place that holds a lot of memories for me from my first driving ticket when I failed to completely stop at a stop sign because I thought a serial killer in white suburban was following me when it was actually a park ranger that could give tickets to all the numerous weekends with my ex-boyfriend when we played Scrabble in the park. The site of this BBQ was in the Old Zoo, which was hard to find and harder to track down Javier and the Yelp crowd. The old cages and exhibits remain and we were eating right where I like to think all of the lions once lived.

Javier didn’t just keep it OG with grilled onions, he also had nori, ramen and kimchee for the more adventurous hot dog condiment connoisseurs. I am about to admit the cardinal foodie sin but I am not that big of a bacon fan. I’ll eat it in it’s thicker pork belly cut but I am much more of a sausage girl. For this afternoon I did the bacon wrapped hot dog and the onions and I kept it simple. It was a perfect lunch and better yet it was FREE!

After this event Minty and I headed to the March Madness Birthday Bash thrown by SauceLA and UniqueLA that share the same birthday. These are the two ladies that brought Los Angeles the LA Street Food Fest and are dual-handedly changing the event scene in LA. We arrived early to their free birthday bash which would feature food trucks, drink specials, an 80’s Jazzercise theme, and a rockin DJ. We got there early so we took a stroll down the side of Sunset Blvd. that not enough people walk through. We went into the Time Travel Mart where you can buy everything from dinosaur eggs to crazy milk bottles. Then we headed into the Gold Room at an hour when they still play Mariachi before all of the hipsters invade. I wish I would have known about a shot of tequila and a beer for $4 before I spent $7 on a mixed drink. We headed back to the Echoplex for the start of the the party. Sauce LA had cut her finger the night before so we helped her close the goodie bags in chinese takeout boxes.

The party was just getting started so we went outside and grabbed some food. The Greasy Weiner, Patty Wagon, and Cool Haus were there. Despite my hot dog lunch I grabbed another dog because, well, I loved their uncouth name. The jokes ensued and I ordered the original greasy wiener, which is a Jersey fried hot dog, and chili cheese fries.

The hot dog had the perfect bite to it and that is all I got because Kevin (aka ClimbinChiro) hit my arm and made my hot dog hit the floor….uncouth. I would have been much more angry but he was wearing tights and leg warmers. Who could get mad at a guy in such attire? Plus, the guy in the truck was so sweet when I explained the situation and he got me a replacement wiener (ClimbinChiro made a lot of dildo jokes regarding this) in a matter of seconds. I am now a Greasy Wiener convert and will happily sing their theme song. It’s is the most addictive song ever, if you go make sure they play that ditty for you. I was singing the song all night.

I didn’t eat anything at Patty Wagon but it sure did look good. And my Cool Haus was just a two biter but it was free, the girls put a coupon for a free ice cream sandwich in our gift box. I got the Meyer lemon ice cream in between ginger snaps. I thought ClimbinChiro was messing with me when he told me to eat the wrapper but it was in fact edible. I will return for a full sized architecturally inspired ice cream sandwich in the very near future.

When we got back inside, the dance floor was kickin and we were hittin it hard. We all had our $5 cocktails inspired by the two birthday girls and at one point there was even a White Guy/Girl dance off, which sadly ClimbinChiro did not win despite being the best dressed.

The birthday girls had a special cake by Cool Haus and they looked super fierce.

There is a lot of talk about friends in high places but I will tell you that there is nothing better than friends that are generous. Whether it is friends that make everyone bacon wrapped hot dogs or ones that share their birthday with you and introduce you to their favorite trucks, drinks, and nightclubs, you can’t ask for anything more. Thanks to all of you fantastic people and the UGs vow to return the favor!


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  1. You guys this is such a great post about community, cool people in LA, and of course, delicious FOOD! 🙂 Thanks for coming – I loooooove your pics!

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