Citysearch LA Dictators take on Las Perlas y Tequila

Photo courtesy of Citysearch Los Angeles on Facebook

I attended the first Citysearch LA Dictator party last month, it was a night that took me to a new venue and reconnected me with old friends. This past Tuesday night was not that different. It was the second party and it took me to one of Ced’s newest creations called Las Perlas. It’s a tequila bar and Citysearch hooked us up with a preview of the new line of ultra premium tequilas called La Firma and some taquitos from Plancha Tacos. I ran into my new fav PR guy Edward and was joined by Minty, AK, and Linden. The chicken tacos made me so thirsty and I had no choice but to wash it down with shots of tequila. Thankfully, there was a tequila sommelier at the event that allowed me to do this with a little extra knowledge and couthness. I now know that when tequila is aged longer it gets darker from the wood barrels and that there is now something called extra anejo that exists as a tequila option. I learned more but I was getting drunk in the process. The sommelier also made us all look foolish by having us sniff from the left and from the right, apparently the right side can pick up more fruity nodes.

It was getting hard to just stick to straight tequila so I hit the Las Perlas bar after I saw numerous guests sipping blueberry drinks with boba straws. The menu was written on a cardboard sign, which made the UGs feel right at home. This blueberry concoction was called 400 Rabbits. The drink was an upgraded margarita that went down super easy, which was good because I had two to drink at the same time. My only complaint was the size of the ice, it got sucked up by my giant straw. I think it either needs to be larger cubes or slushier. Minty had the Poblano Escobar, which is a fantastic drink name for a fantastic drink with mescal, poblano chile, pineapple juice, and a blood orange.

After all of the tequila for the night, the Citysearch folks passed out a gift of tequila shot chocolates by Diana Kron but I thought nothing of it. The rest of the night took me to Cole’s and then Association and when I got home I had a bonbon and I died. These babies were insane and strong as hell. I had one and then decided to bring the rest in to the office for the ladies the following morning. One of the interns practically had a foodgasm and my CFO asked if I was sure she could eat this at work. Yup, this chocolate is not to be missed.

So to sum up the night: high quality drinks, a new venue, and seeing some of my favorite friends in the food/drink/PR worlds and the night ended with a tequila filled chocolate ball. I am no trying to purposely compare Citysearch parties to Yelp parties (as I have done in the past) but I will say that  Josie will be reporting on Wednesday’s Yelp party tomorrow, so stay tuned…



  1. I love that Gastronomnom is popping up in the last pic. Hilarious.

  2. […] party to celebrate, is f-in ok in my book. However, I will say this – I have yet to attend a CitySearch party and from what Carina says, there’s a new player in town and she’s slowly usurping the […]

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