After Months of Waiting, Josie Finally Got a Date

So let me get this straight: LA is a hook-up culture, right?! Well, perhaps I am too uncool, too busy with my favorite girlfriends, or maybe I’m just too busy eating too many good meals – but why is it that I can’t find a date? Men should be lining up. I’m young, I’m smart and I’m uberhip. Why then, am I so plagued in the dating space? It’s been a slow winter…

Alas, this week was different. I had a date (sort of) with a corporate guy that my Twitter peepette, Veronica in LA, set up for me. It was a basketball game and a Nate and Al’s meal all rolled into one. I took the metro into downtown and met up with (ah, the psuedo name…) “The Suit” (he’s a corporate guy and God knows I never date any of those) at his place. He lives in a beautiful loft that overlooks downtown and I was envious. My next residence will most definitely be in downtown LA. I love it. Anyway, his company gave him four tickets and we walked over to LA Live. I’ve been to several games there, but since I’m usually a commoner, I sit in the nosebleed section but this time was different. We sat with the suits up in the corporate seats. They had their own buffet and bar. I was stoked. I could really get used to this. Nate and Al’s was the caterer and since I was stuffed, I opted for a salad. I’m never usually a salad girl, but I just couldn’t do the heavy Jewish pastrami sandwich on this night. Did you know Larry King goes to the Nate and Al’s in Beverly Hills everyday for breakfast? By the way, that is Carina’s weirdest celebrity crush, she likes that he looks like a frog and she wants to do naughty things with his suspenders. Maybe I shouldn’t disclose that but…oh well. If you like the two pics below, the first was taken using the iPhone app, TiltShiftGen, that our dearest AKesq recommended. I suggest you download it; it’s so cool.

Ok, so here comes the awkward turtle of the night, well, because my life is a series of awkward turtles:

(While waiting in line and deciding what to order)

Josie: (To Suit) I’m thinking Jewish Pastrami sandwich or Chicken Caesar. What do you prefer?

The Suit: Um, I know this may be a deal breaker because you’re a food blogger, but I’m a vegetarian.

Josie: (With a nervous giggle) Ha! Funny. So which one will it be?

The Suit: No, I’m serious.

Josie: (With a devastated stare) Oh, you’re not joking… This is not good. How long have you been meat deprived?

The Suit: For a while.

Josie: Shit. So… it’s not something I can change. (With a pensive pause) Ok, this is never going to work.

Had he not seen the site? After all, “thou shall not dabble in vegetarianism” is one of the 10 Uncouth Gourmandments. Just my luck.

How will he fare? Stay tuned.

Which couple do you like better? The one above or below.



  1. Ok sorry I didn’t know he was a vegetarian- although realistically I’ve only ever seen him drink… oh, and make soy tacos. Doh.

    P.S. Apparently I’m matchmaking now? Haha. Line up ladies! I have lots of guy friends at my disposal. (Warning: results not typical and may vary- satisfaction not guaranteed- may causing nausea dizziness hives- you break it you buy it. :P)

  2. Oh, Jo-Mo. Us vegetarians aren’t that bad. In fact, we’re not all even righteous–just better than everyone else. Give the boy a chance! (And if you don’t, I know a few gorgeous veggie girls to set him up with.) But glad you’re out and about with boys!. Maybe you’ll even finally catch up to Carina!

    • Fat Mango, thanks for the encouragement. He seems nice. I’d forgotten how fun dating was – even if at times they’re jerks. It feels good to put myself out there again.

      BTW – There’s a few introductions I need to make that involve you and a few lovely ladies. It’s my life mission to get you engaged by the end of the year; it’s the only way I can repay your mom for that lovely dinner party. Stay tuned.

  3. Dude. I so need to practice dating. Maybe then I could actually go ON a date. Damn if I’m not smart and fun and hip. Not as you as you and Carina are, J, but..,
    congrats on trying the date. Even if he is veg.

    • Hahahaha! This made me laugh out loud (or in Twitter vernacular LOL). You should document your dating on a blog as well. Dating can be so funny bc no one really knows what they are doing. 🙂

      – J

  4. **not as YOUNG as you or Carina.

  5. Bummer! I’m with you on this one though Josie, can’t ever get pass the vegetarianism… it just would never work. It limits food sex to zucchinis and green beans or something…

    • Wendy! You’re hilarious! When can I see you? Miss you. ox

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