Breaking and Entering: Food, Fun, and Friends in Malibu

Sorting out my personal (and professional) life over the past few weeks has been more difficult than I had previously anticipated. Finding some sort of clarity in figuring out how the next part of my life is going to go, whether or not I’m at the appropriate work station, if I’m wasting my time, and if I am, what I will do next? So many questions and so little energy to juggle it all.

In all honesty, I’ve been going to see my therapist the last few weeks. Things have been crappy and I thought it best to work on some things. After all, we are in LA and having a therapist is normal. It’s the city where even a therapist has a therapist. I figure, if I didn’t go to weekly sessions and if I didn’t do the work, then I’d probably never think about my “issues.” This pensive state has left me rather exhausted so when the vivacious Veronica in LA invited me to Malibu for an outing, I quickly agreed. Below was her Facebook message to me that afternoon:

I believe I’m catching the subway with you guys… and getting my tan on tomorrow at the beach!!! (Bring your bikini – I’m pretty sure we’re kidnapping you as well. Just sayin.)

We got to Dylan’s work, NBC, via the LA Metro where Dylan had just finished watching a play entitled, Acting The First Six Lessons, at the Theater West. So go see it! That’s an order. From there, he drove us all out to Shangri La where his cousin was throwing his 30th Bday party in the rooftop penthouse. The hotel is in Santa Monica and it’s pretty cool. The rooftop has a one-way mirror where you CAN’T see out but roofgoers CAN see in. True story: Someone, whom shall remain nameless, was kind of drunk and pushed a willing girl up against the wall and started to…. ahem… A middle-aged woman on the roof screamed, “That’s my son!” Security broke it up and all was ok. Leave to a celibate girl like myself to witness such antics (Celibate – Not by choice). Dylan’s parents have a beach house on a private beach in Malibu so we ended up crashing there.

I woke up in the morning ready to go. I walked downstairs in my boy shorts and a tee and screamed, “Hey, Dylan! You up?” I walked into the kitchen and frighfully screamed in terror as I saw Dylan’s mom cleaning our mess. My terror scream scared her and she screamed, too. It was as if we’d both seen the devil. I did what no other reasonable person would do, run! No, just kidding. I extended out my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Josie.” She was sweet and she told me her name, Wendy. I trotted up the stairs in mortification as I did the walk of shame. Uncouth. (The shameful walk that comes from horror, and not because I got lucky. One day, folks, I promise. One day.)

I got over my humiliation and took in the warm breeze, hot sun, and great view. I succumbed to the pressures of adolescence and decided to stay in Malibu. I had been willfully kidnapped and ready to throughly let go of the “issues” that had been plaguing me for weeks and just have fun.

We all headed to the store and made breakfast. We bought potato bread and cheddar. There were a few odds and ends in the fridge and pantry. We’re poor UGs so we have little cash and improvise everything. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s what we made for brunch:

Italian-Style Chilaquiles with Tomatoes, capers, rosemary. All topped with fried eggs.

Yogurt with Fresh Berries and Cucumber.

And Baked Rosemary Manchego Potato Bread.

My sous, Miss. Veronica, helped me out tremendously and it wasn’t half bad, either. We carefully set the table, ate an impromptu brunch, sipped mimosas with Dylan’s mom and ate overlooking the beautiful ocean front. Of course, like any good Mexican-family gal, I made a copious amount of food for a mere five so we tucked a bit of food away. Fear not, we ate the rest later before dinner.

Stuffed like sausages, we put on our bathing suits and went to the beach. Ok, it wasn’t that far and the normal embarrassment of putting on a bathing suit after a huge meal was lessened by the fact that it was a private beach and no one was around. I slept off my food coma, V took in the sun, and the boys played every sport you could play on the beach. The boys did a great job of never letting our glasses go empty as we soaked in the sun. Dylan’s parents were celebrating their anniversary and they invited their friends to the beach house. The lovely couple own a vineyard in Napa and brought some wine with them. It was jammy deliciousness. The proprietors even invited the UG Girls to Napa! As soon as we get some cash that’s going to be my first trip. I’ll post the link the wine as soon as I get home.

We all came inside next to the fireplace and drank some delish wine and chatted. It all seemed really comfortable and natural – It was just like being at home with family. It felt really nice to escape my city issues and just relax and reboot. From there, the grown-ups went to a nice dinner in Malibu and the kids stayed home and cooked a meal together. V and I were making side dishes and the boys were busy BBQ’ing and making cocktails. Very Brady bunch in a Malibu sort of way, I suppose. Dylan’s family is super All-American and super amazing. I had an amazing time. There’s nothing like coming together with good people and drinks and making a meal from scratch.



  1. Uh, is that Beau Bridges in the last picture? lol…seriously. That’s Beau Bridges.

  2. Awww Josie I love this post and I love that group picture and I love you guys!!! Glad you got to kick it with us for a day- everyone needs a break every now and then… 🙂

  3. Is it just me or does the title of this post remind you of that certain classic prodigy hit circa year 1994? Good times, those days, listening to some u.k. big beats and turning it on, tuning it in, and dropping out…

    by that I mean learning how to add and subtract at grade school and bothering my parents about the meaning of the lyrics from my favorite prodigy track, “smack my bitch up.” (they never told me what they meant. oh well.)

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