Food and Fashion Collide

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What do Vogue, Elle, Bon Appetit, and Gourmet magazine all have in common? Carol Smith, THE exec at fashion giant, Elle, will now take the helm at Bon Appetit magazine and will also head the Gourmet brand. When we did our photo shoot, I googled a variation of “models that eat” or “fashion food photo shoot” (don’t recall the exact keywords) but guess what results were generated? You guessed it: Nothing! So, for us at UG, we find this story tickling. Here’s what NY Magazine had to say:

Florio wants Smith to help him “build a significant food group” and tap into the category’s television potential. He told WWD, “Carol is a brilliant media executive and I think when she looked at the growth potential of this food category at a time when it’s hard to find growth anywhere, she got turned on — she liked it.”

Smith said, “My contract was coming up for renewal and I never saw myself going anywhere. I love Elle and thought I’d retire here, but then I had a drink with Tom. He said, ‘Could you ever see yourself doing for food what you did for fashion with Elle?’” Smith recalled. “I had never even thought about it….Then I started to think, you know, what’s the difference between food and fashion? Not much.”

As an avid food and fashion lover, I think this will be an interesting adventure for Bon Appetit. *Fingers Crossed* Special Thanks to Kane for finding this, as it will surely change the magazine one way or the other. Not sure if we should be excited or scared?

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