Citysearch LA: Thirsty Crow and Grilled Cheese

I hate to make this comparison again, but first there was Yelp and then there was Citysearch (or the revival thereof). After Carina got striped of her Yelp Elite status this year, she embraced the newbie, Citysearch. I’m glad she did. As a Citysearch dictator, she was privy to a special invite for the soft opening of Thirsty Crow in Silverlake. Really tired and exhausted from the day’s occurrences, we headed to the event. Plus, our favorite truck, the Grilled Cheese Truck, was going to be present. Umm… Specialty cocktails and melted cheese between two slices of bread? Sounds like my dream. How could we say no? Above is us with the master of the grilled cheese who also owns the truck. As I walked to the table of Citysearch dictators, I was stopped in my tracks by a woman who said to me, “Seeing you with that grilled cheese in your hand and that spork in your mouth gives me so much pleasure.” I wondered, was this a pick-up line? Nope. I would never be so lucky as to get hit on in a bar. FML. At any rate, she took a picture of me and we talked for a bit. She was a delight to meet.

Ok, so here’s the lowdown on the bourbon-themed bar, Thirsty Crow. We walked in and the place was dark and somber in that mysterious ‘I want to know more’ cryptic kind of way. One patron even described it as a hipper version of The Edison downtown. I saw no such comparison but I most certainly liked what I saw. The cocktails were a bit pricey, but when you took a swig you knew why. The taste had justified the price. The cocktails were perfectly crafted with an exactitude that only a true mixologist can procure.

Below you can see the master at work and the care he put into my drink. I would be remiss to not disclose that Thirsty Crow comes to you by the people who brought you Big Foot Lounge. I will be back to Silverlake. The boys are adorable and the drinks are great. In fact, here was my Facebook update after leaving:

At the soft opening of The Thirsty Crow in Silverlake. I gotta hang out here more often, the boys are cute. Bye-bye, downtown! Sorry.

The Citysearch dictator crowd was so pleasant. I can’t wait to write my first entry so that I can go to all their fun parties where I get to act like the uncouth gourmand that I am at heart and get complimented for it, have a great cocktail, and party down with a ton of cool people.

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  1. ya’ll can have my badge. yes sir

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