About Us


Josie Mora and Carina Ost

We are two budding entrepreneurs that share a love for food and a lack of etiquette. We are flavorful but rarely correctly seasoned. We are the type of people that go to a small plate restaurant and ask for a bigger plate. We stick an entire enormous roll of sushi in our mouths in one bite and prefer that to inhaling oxygen. We eat with our hands, have no qualms about plastic cutlery, and use chopsticks to fish pickles out of the jar while watching cooking shows. We believe that anything can be stuffed between two slices of bread or rolled up into a tortilla. We are not afraid of getting messy and sometimes we wait until we have something in our mouths to talk.

This is us. This is you. This is where you belong. Welcome to the Uncouth Gourmands.




Feel free to email us at UncouthGourmands@gmail.com or carina@uncouthgourmands.com or josie@uncouthgourmands.com



  1. WOW Carina!!! Am I really the first to leave a comment???? I can’t tell you how excited I am to see what you and Josie have up your sleeves with this blog and your new endeavor (which by the way, I sure will be a luscious & palatable success!)
    Congrats & looking forward to bright things from Uncouth Gourmands in 2009!


  2. […] About Us […]

  3. I love eating with my hands, as you say but I did not get to see you eat sadly (Josie).

  4. Okay, I was the grey haired guy at Wild Thyme you gave the napkin to with your blog address. My innate curiousity always gets the best of me, so I am wondering if there was a reason for this (if you remember it at all, seeing as you were nursing a hangover) or if I was some random pick at the restaurant (noticed the picture of another guy on your site holding such a napkin). Thought it rather ironic that you currently work at WET Design, seeing as I’m the art director for WaterShapes magazine and we’ve done articles on some of WET’s projects. Anyway, good luck on your site. Looks like you’re having a blast.

  5. You should report on how many douchebag’s you encounter when you girls go out……. If you need help check this site out…..Hotchickswithdouchebags.com………You’ll have a good laugh!!!!

  6. hey, i was at burbank bar and grill friday night and someone handed me a napkin with your website on it that also said “call me.” anyways, your reviews are honest and witty… keep it up!

  7. hey,

    a month or so ago at barneys beanery, you passed out coasters to pr your blog. i’m a grad student and doing a study on the subculture of “foodies”. i’d love to interview you or get the chance to get your take on the culture of foodies. let me know if we can meet up.

  8. Hey guys… what a cool blog! can’t wait until i have more than 5 mins. to really explore it. QUESTION: do you guy have a feature on your blog where i can sign up for email updates whenever you add a new posting? let me know… : )

  9. Nice logo…

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