IMG_0895As President and Co-Founder at Uncouth Gourmands, Carina Ost oversees all aspects of operations and management.

The operations and management capacity at Uncouth Gourmands includes: strategic planning and execution, business development and retention, and all financial matters.

Carina always had an entrepreneurial spirit and even entitled her college application essay, “Why I deserve to be like Merv” based on her business icon Merv Griffin. She has long dreamed of opening up her own hotel but after much consideration, her passion for meeting people and eating great food can best be explored through the Uncouth Gourmands.

She graduated in 2009 from Woodbury University with an MBA. Carina has worked in several small, all female run, entrepreneurial ventures that that have ranged from being an assistant to a lifestyle expert, Susie Coelho Enterprises, to being an intern at a bachelorette party planning company, Bride’s Night Out.

Carina knows start-ups, event planning, and has an insatiable appetite for all food and culture the world has to offer. She has traveled to 11 countries in the last 2 years and has never met a cuisine that she hasn’t liked, although she has a special affinity for all food from Asia. She has fond memories of making Chinese dumplings and wonton soup with her Jewish grandmother. Being raised in Santa Cruz, California, the birthplace of communes, the idea of a communal kitchen has always been the center of her heart and house.

Carina’s last meal would be: San Francisco Sourdough bread with French butter, a steamed artichoke, snow crab, a cupcake, mangoes and sticky rice, and, of course, champagne.

What makes her an Uncouth Gourmand: I have often been asked, “Do you just wait until you have food in your mouth to talk?” The answer is, “Yes”



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  1. Hi Carina,

    I am very impressed with your website, that calamari linguini look great! I a very proud of your accomplishments and know you will do well in the future.

    Love, Greg

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