IMG_0893As Chief Instigator and Co-Founder at Uncouth Gourmands, Josie oversees all creative aspects of the company.

The creative capacity at Uncouth Gourmands includes: all culinary projects, image and branding, and the facilitation of vision for the company.

Josie has more than nine years of catering expertise with Los Angeles’ premier catering company, The Kitchen for Exploring Foods in Pasadena.  In addition, she pioneered the simple design aesthetic of food and flowers for her employer, WET Design, an architectural design firm that specializes in water design-such as the fountains of the Bellagio.  This role was specifically created for Josie in an effort to bring in a higher caliber of overall first impression to the customer.

She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship from Woodbury University in California.

Josie, a California native, loves to cook at home, travel for leisure, and spend time reading about new business and/or culinary excitements.  She has had the auspicious nature of traveling to 12 countries in the last two years, in search of satiating the need to meet new and interesting people all over the world. In addition, Josie loves to spend time studying case studies on entrepreneurship and studying social trends.  She has been involved in several prominent organizations like the Collegiate Entrepreneurial Organization and Big Brothers and Sisters.

Josie’s last meal would be: a hearty bowl of her mom’s tortilla soup and an unctuous piece of foie gras on a French baguette, and of course, a cold imported beer.

What makes her an Uncouth Gourmand: I often have sores in my mouth, no-not from that, because I douse everything I eat in a tablespoon of salt.




  1. Hey Josie,
    I checked out your blog page and found it pretty hilarious that you are eating in almost every picture. You do still look cute though. Anyway just wanted to say it nice meeting you the other day at Taste of the Nation, thanks for the shout out in you blog 😦
    come on in for dinner sometime if you remember who this is and if you need some young chef to expliot and make famous, I’m your guy!


  2. As a reminder, when next busing through Seattle – Hi-Spot (Madrona) for Almond Butter Brioche French Toast and AM beverages; Agua Verde Paddle Club (Lake Union) for street-like soft tacos, kayaking, and mid-day thirst-quenchers; and How to Cook a Wolf (Upper Queen Anne) for a family-style, small bites food finale, complimentable by an ample range of evening vintages.

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