Wood Spoon: Chicken Pot Pie for the Soul & Lens

Many of us in the food blogosphere all carry around the same Canon s90 camera but very few of us actually know how to use it. There are several exceptions to this rule and one of my favorites is Julian aka DJJewelz. He uses the same camera as all of us, no Photoshop, and always manages to take beautiful pictures. Sure he has the artists’ eye but he also knows simple shortcuts for better pictures. My new friend Nastassia, of Let Me Eat Cake, and I were both talking at the Latin American Dessert Crawl about how in awe we were of DJJewelz’s pictures and how we so needed a class with him. During this crawl one of the stops we skipped was Wood Spoon, a Brazilian restaurant in Downtown LA. The two of us girls conjured up a plan: take DJJewelz to lunch and have him help us with our cameras. We arrived on a Friday for lunch so we had better lighting for our impromptu class.

We had all heard, thanks to Giada De Laurentiis episode of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, that Wood Spoon had a great chicken pot pie. That was obviously my main course but we decided to start with some appetizers aka photo subjects. We ordered the Pastel Portuguese, which was a shrimp stuffed dumpling with coconut sauce, and we also ordered Coxinha, which is the most popular Brazilian street food with chicken inside. Both Nastassia and I were nervous to step out of “Automatic” mode and venture into “AV”. We were both convinced that with so many options we would screw up the setting on camera to no return. Julian was a patient teacher and walked us through 4 things that we really needed to do to easily enhance our pictures. Between F-Stops, exposure, Macro settings and white balance testing we were starting to get some really good pictures.

At this point in the meal the pictures were actually better than the food. We were in during lunch hours and we were sad that out of all their exciting juices and lemonades on the menu we could order none of them and could only drink iced tea or coke. Oh well, this was school, we couldn’t be distracted by a foodgasm this early on in the lesson. We were getting confident and then came the Chicken Pot Pie. This was no Marie Callendars version, this had fresh corn and hearts of palm and a surprising amount of black pepper. It was a perfect portioned lunch and I was in love with the adorable wood spoon that laid across the crusty top. I dug in and as Julian said, “If it’s good enough for Giada, then it is good enough for me!”

Let Me Eat Cake was sad to learn that she couldn’t order cake or any dessert at all on this day. However, we really weren’t complaining. The restaurant could/should have included all items on their menu but we still got great food subjects and a Pot Pie fit for an Italian American Food Princess. It was a delicious and educational lunch and I strive to try and take better picture and get out of my “Automatic” comfort zone. Julian gave us the good advice to check these simple camera settings first because it easier than having to return to the restaurant and order the same thing for a redo…but with Wood Spoon I woodn’t (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) mind returning for another chicken pot pie lunch!


Thirsty Thursday: FOUR at Checkers & Chef Todd FTW!

We have written about Checkers and their Thursday happy hour called FOUR for a long time, but it is truly our favorite weekly deal. The man on the left, Tyler, takes care of the drinks and the man on the right, Chef Todd, handles the food. They have fine-dining expertise and skill that is made affordable so you can easily indulge to your belly’s content. They offer four plates and four drinks for four hours (from 4p-8p) on Thursday for $4 each. It is the deal of the century. Last week after John Kelly Chocolates and before the Sexy Singles Soiree 2.0 we sampled all four of the dishes.

Last week the theme for FOUR was “Best of FOUR” paying homage to people’s favorite bites and drinks. The food served was calamari salad, braised beef shortribs with risotto, halibut fish tacos, and a roasted red pepper and tomato soup. The drinks ranged from, my favorite, the Secret Garden to an Old Cuban. I know what you are thinking, why am I telling you about all of the delicious things you missed? There are a couple of reasons: 1. I am mean. 2. It featured edamame beans in the new ways that Chef Todd was interviewed about. 3. To make you go today and discover more FOUR deliciousness.

Here is what is on today’s FOUR Menu (all items are $4 from 4p-8pm):

2007 SANTA BARBARA SAUVIGNON BLANC – A gold medal recipient at the West Coast Wine Fair, this is a lively and bright example of the varietal, with lush flavors and a clean finish!
2008 SANTA BARBARA CHARDONNAY – Creamy on the palate with pear and citrus notes, this chardonnay is well-balanced and expressive.
2007 SANTA BARBARA PINOT NOIR – a great little pinot with hints of earth and cigar, foiled by ripe blackberry and lively acidity.  91+ PTS, WINE & SPIRITS MAGAZINE
2007 SANTA BARBARA COUNTY CABERNET SAUVIGNON – Deep and rich, with a velvety texture.  An ideal pairing with the Sonoma duck!

CALEDONIA PRAWN SCAMPI – beautiful large prawns with stewed tomatoes, tarragon, and house-made herb fettuccini!
CANNELLINI BEAN STEW – with charred Spanish chorizo and fresh lemon and basil…
MAITAKE MUSHROOM TOAST – served on grilled sourdough with a mushroom butter.
PAN-SEARED SONOMA DUCK BREAST – paired with caramelized cauliflower, spring onion and Medjool dates; spectacular!>

As someone that is from the Central Coast, I love that they are partnering with Summerland Winery this Thursday for FOUR. I don’t know if it is from my childhood dream of owning my own boutique hotel or my love of good quality cocktails and well prepared food but I just love Checkers. If you are unable to enjoy it tonight…shoot for next Thursday. Also, I just heard that Checkers will be giving away Mother’s Day gifts for all of the moms out there. Here are all the details:


The a-la-carte brunch will be served on Sunday, May 9 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Checkers Downtown’s newly renovated dining room replete with style and artwork evoking the hotel’s 1920’s origins. Checkers’ Executive Chef Todd Allison has culled a menu certain to sate the desires of the most finicky of mothers. For the traditionalists there are Checkers’ Buttermilk Pancakes filled with strawberries, blueberries or bananas and walnuts, or for the more adventurous there is the Open-Faced Fried Egg Sandwich on grilled sourdough with prosciutto, stewed tomatoes and arugula. But, if she is the elegant-at-all-times type, she’ll certainly enjoy the Maine Lobster Risotto, the Seared Maine Diver Scallops with Moro blood orange, fork mashed fingerling potato and pomegranate glaze or the Grilled Colorado Lamb Loin with Rancho Gordo heirloom bean ragout and natural jus. Whatever her tastes are, mom will dine in style – and the host will save enough to buy her some flowers too.

The “Mom Eats Free” offer is valid up to $30 in value and does not include alcohol, tax or gratuity. Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Prices range from $9 to $30 and the full Mother’s Day brunch menu can be viewed at http://www.hiltoncheckers.com/files/mothers_day_menu.pdf. Reservations can be made by calling 213-624-0000 or online at http://www.opentable.com/checkers-downtown?rid=276.

Times are tough and Checkers is making things easier for you. Whether it is by offering you four plates and four drinks for $4 on Thursdays or  by giving your mom a Mother’s Day meal, they have won our UG hearts! I don’t want to get in trouble with the other UG….but one of the UGs is working on winning Chef Todd’s heart! Hint: It isn’t me.

P.S. If you wanna know how Checkers makes the UGs feel, then order the plate of gooey chcolate chip cookies…yup, it’s kind of like that!

My Time at the 1st 8th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational

Last year, I attended the 1st 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational and I had an absolute blast. There was no doubt that I would attend this year’s festivities. The last time around was also the first time our friend Arun and I really got to hang out and know each other. Arun is the so-called Mayor of Downtown and is a vegetarian that gets such joy from bread, butter, and cheese. He had secured himself as my date months ago and despite a new woman in his life, I was still kept as his official date. I arrived 15 minutes before the event started and the line was already quite long. We walked into the Los Angeles Studios and it was immediately reminiscent of the actual 1st annual LA Street Food Fest at the same location.

Once again, these nondescript streets were filled with people, food trucks, vendors, and a ton of high energy. The sea of people wasn’t quite as large and the judging area with all of the really interesting sandwiches was off to the side. I had entered as a judge several weeks ago and I was glad that my group and I were all approved as judges. The most exciting part of the GCI is the competition. You get to see some truly unusual concoctions. The first round is called the missionary and is supposed to be just standard bread and cheese. This may sound like boresville but the possibilities are endless.

There was some slight variation in this round, even though I am not quite positive that it was actually allowed. My favorite of this round was one on Russian Rye with tomatoes, relish, and onions added in the sandwich. I don’t know what it was about this dish but it just totally worked for me. It was like a meatless strange version of a reuben that made this a grilled cheese favorite for me.

After the first round we took a break and went to the common area for non-judges. There was all you can eat free Tillamook grilled cheeses, potato chips, tomato soup, and Izze sparkling juices. There was also numerous trucks including 2 Grilled Cheese Trucks, World Fare, Cool Haus, Border Grill and specialty sandwiches from some of LA’s finest chefs. I wasn’t quite ready to stand in line so I went up above to buy a beer.

If I had to make one complaint it would be that there were no drinks being sold or given out in the judging area. I got so desperate for a Diet Coke (remember I am a Diet Coke head) that I walked to the front of the Grilled Cheese truck and grabbed one and laid cash on the table. There was a ton of people in cheese costumes and other silly outfits and the atmosphere was fun the entire time. There was cheese calling contests, grilled cheese poetry, cheesy costume contests and speeches from the official Mayor of Cheese. When we returned back to the judging area it was the Kama Sutra round, which means the sandwiches got a little crazier.

The judging this year was much smoother than last year. The lines were shorter but you still got the distinct idea that you had to beg for your piece of the grilled cheese. One sandwich that I was camped out to get was being made at the end of the table with such care. It was the Duck, Duck, Goosed grilled cheese. It had duck confit, foie gras, a fruit jam for sweetness, and a cave-aged gruyere. It sounded incredible and it tasted even better! In line, I heard a girl that sounded disgusted ask, “Eww, duck feet?!?!” Apparently she only heard half of the “confit’ word. The guys that made the sandwich weren’t exactly amateurs, they were from The Oaks Gourmet Market in Hollywood. It was the last sandwich I tried and it was definitely the best! I was in love at first bite…

Josie didn’t attend last year or this year due to her Saturday catering job but she was at the first couple GCI events that took place in a loft in Downtown. Despite only seeing the last two years the upgrade in this event is remarkable. More people, more sponsors, more vendors, and way more enthusiasm. The tagline of the GCI is “Bread-Butter-Cheese-Victory” and I can, without hesitation, say that they nailed them all. The event was a complete success. I, on the other hand, disappointed myself by only making it 3.5 hours, but it IS a 6 hour food event. You were a true UG hero if you made it through all of the rounds. Anyway, that was my experience and my favorites, what do you got? I want all the cheesy details.

Brewery Art WALK, Vizzi TRUCK, & WorldFare BUStaurant

Saturday was the day that I should have been at school taking graduation pictures and picking up my cap and gown for my grad school graduation. However, that was not what I was doing. Instead I was looking forward to another school on Saturday. I was going to be attending an Italian Wine Class at Cube Marketplace. Minty and I knew we’d be attending this and set off to the Brewery Art Walk before the class. It was perfect weekend weather and it was magical to wander into and out of lofts to look at people’s collections in this art colony area.

Everything was lovely and then I stumbled into a place that I have been wanting to visit for years. I found the second Hipcooks location in the Brewery Arts District. I fell in love with their large communal tables, wood stump cutting boards, and cute aprons. I have a list of their upcoming classes and will definitely return for a class. By the way, I am so in love with their colander light fixtures.

After walking in to this cute kitchen my hunger started to grow and I was in the market for some food. Thankfully, just outside the art walk was the Vizzi truck. Minty told me that she read on Twitter that the World Fare was gonna come, however, they were nowhere in sight. Vizzi was not a second choice by any means and we ordered food. They only launched a few weeks ago and we were blown away by the fancy TV screens on the truck. I ordered the Balsamic BBQ Braised Wagyu Sliders and Minty had the Black Skillet Jidori Chicken Sliders. Both sandwiches were served atop Pimento-Spiced and Yakima salted Popcorn. Popcorn is one of my favorite food and I loved this fun side dish. I think I love that popcorn is such an uncouth thing to eat, it always feels as though it is being shoveled into your mouth and I feel like I can it unbelievable quantities. Minty and I subscribe to the school of “Sharing is Caring” so I gave her one of my beef sliders in exchange for one of her chicken ones. I liked hers better and she could sense it, so she asked me if I wanted to switch one more chicken for beef. I apologetically nodded and was happy as can be. These were good sliders  and the popcorn was a wonderful surprise. If I had one complaint it would be the buns. I am a bit of a bread snob and this tasted similar to King’s Hawaiian rolls, so I am guessing that is what they use. Not bad, but not up to par with the rest of the slider.

It seemed almost immediately after we ordered, the famed World Fare Bus arrived. They were welcomed by a line and a camera crew for promotional purposes. It took a while for them to park and set up and so we waited, plus we had to digest.  This BusTaurant is famous for Bunny Chows, “Originally a South African street worker food; a hollowed out loaf of bread with filled with chicken curry, Chef Andi has taken the concept to a new level as a portable easy-to-eat medium for serving different flavors from around the world.” It is a very cool concept and we liked the second story, even if the steps were rather scary. We were already a bit full and ordered the Bunny Chow combo to share with Chicken Curry and Short Ribs and added in the Truffle Mac n Cheese Balls. We were first given the wrong order (photographed below) but we can’t complain because it was delivered to us after we were told to take a seat upstairs. The upstairs was beautiful but unfortunately there were no seats, so we stood.

We had the order corrected and we both dug in to sample. I liked this brioche bun much better and the chicken curry was good with my favorite golden raisins, athough, the short rib was pretty watery and it soaked right through the bread. Our meal came with a perfect cookie. However, for me, the item that was the clear winner was the truffle mac n cheese balls. They were perfection and reached a level that the ones at Fred 62 just can’t match. After these two lunches at mobile eateries, I was stuffed and prepared for wine class. They are both trucks I would try again, but that mac n cheese ball is something I would drive miles and wait in line for. Anyway walk, truck, and bus on and I will tell you about the wine class in the very near future.

Citysearch LA Dictators take on Las Perlas y Tequila

Photo courtesy of Citysearch Los Angeles on Facebook

I attended the first Citysearch LA Dictator party last month, it was a night that took me to a new venue and reconnected me with old friends. This past Tuesday night was not that different. It was the second party and it took me to one of Ced’s newest creations called Las Perlas. It’s a tequila bar and Citysearch hooked us up with a preview of the new line of ultra premium tequilas called La Firma and some taquitos from Plancha Tacos. I ran into my new fav PR guy Edward and was joined by Minty, AK, and Linden. The chicken tacos made me so thirsty and I had no choice but to wash it down with shots of tequila. Thankfully, there was a tequila sommelier at the event that allowed me to do this with a little extra knowledge and couthness. I now know that when tequila is aged longer it gets darker from the wood barrels and that there is now something called extra anejo that exists as a tequila option. I learned more but I was getting drunk in the process. The sommelier also made us all look foolish by having us sniff from the left and from the right, apparently the right side can pick up more fruity nodes.

It was getting hard to just stick to straight tequila so I hit the Las Perlas bar after I saw numerous guests sipping blueberry drinks with boba straws. The menu was written on a cardboard sign, which made the UGs feel right at home. This blueberry concoction was called 400 Rabbits. The drink was an upgraded margarita that went down super easy, which was good because I had two to drink at the same time. My only complaint was the size of the ice, it got sucked up by my giant straw. I think it either needs to be larger cubes or slushier. Minty had the Poblano Escobar, which is a fantastic drink name for a fantastic drink with mescal, poblano chile, pineapple juice, and a blood orange.

After all of the tequila for the night, the Citysearch folks passed out a gift of tequila shot chocolates by Diana Kron but I thought nothing of it. The rest of the night took me to Cole’s and then Association and when I got home I had a bonbon and I died. These babies were insane and strong as hell. I had one and then decided to bring the rest in to the office for the ladies the following morning. One of the interns practically had a foodgasm and my CFO asked if I was sure she could eat this at work. Yup, this chocolate is not to be missed.

So to sum up the night: high quality drinks, a new venue, and seeing some of my favorite friends in the food/drink/PR worlds and the night ended with a tequila filled chocolate ball. I am no trying to purposely compare Citysearch parties to Yelp parties (as I have done in the past) but I will say that  Josie will be reporting on Wednesday’s Yelp party tomorrow, so stay tuned…

Rivera: Adding Flowers to Corn Tortillas

After the Oscars were over, we were still dressed up and headed to the one place in Downtown that we have been dying to go to but haven’t been: Rivera. Or as Josie always mispronounces it, Riviera. We walked in late on a Sunday and sat at the bar and were served by the kindest bartender named Matt. I thought he was from Boston but I was incorrect and then I thought he reminded me of Steve from Sex and The City and Josie agreed. She went to the bathroom and Chris went to order her a beer. I know my girl, Josie, more than most and knew that nothing would make her happier than her favorite beer an Old Rasputin. I told the bartender that I love whiskey and fruit and he made me one of the best cocktails of my life, Blood Sugar Sex Magic. Sure the drink may sound like a Justin Timberlake album name but it had Rye Whiskey, red pepper, agave nectar, and basil. It was delicious. Matt, the bartender, then showed us a bottle of cognac that goes for $250 a shot. We didn’t get to try any but we did hear a funny story about a guy that ordered four shots and refused to see the price and then almost fainted when he saw his $1,000 bill.

We came in for a drink and dessert but as soon as I saw the menu I began ordering and we asked if we could see the kitchen. The restaurant was sleek and well-designed but in the kitchen is where we saw the heart of the restaurant. We shook hands with everyone, met a high school student that will be soon studying at Le Cordon Bleu, and saw just how much love the restaurant puts in to everything. Josie is someone that equates details to love and I agree in a kitchen like this.

The corn tortillas were paired with fresh flowers and beautifully arranged and separated by parchment paper. It was gorgeous and seeing the process made it so spectacular. It was like art placed away until it was ready to use. In another corner were these plates that had stencils made of spices. Again the attention to detail and the time that these took to assemble were amazing and priceless.

When we returned to the bar I was given a sheet of paper that explains Rivera’s “Spice-ology.” Some of their plates on the menu “feature powerful graphic images created in custom seasoning blends that complement-in aroma, flavor, and image-the food they company”. I was impressed in the kitchen but when I saw it paired with the food it really enhanced my experience through all of my senses. The chef had sent out some of the flowery tortillas for us and I couldn’t stop myself from ordering a shrimp taco that had a great carrot puree on it. The gentleman of the evening, Chris, ordered the relleno and we also got piquillos rellenos which had chorizo and, my favorite, golden raisins. Josie ordered the calabacitas and the quinoa and spinach side but her favorite dish of the night was the relleno. Everything was beautifully presented and plated and Ken who delivered it became our bestie for the night. He and Josie even had a debate about a certain pepper and he went to the back and checked Wikipedia (the Bible of all) to give a proper response. The service here went far and beyond what was expected. It is a rarity in the LA dining scene and the UGs were impressed.

I ordered the baba cachaca with citrus and dulce de leche it was soaked and delicious. Once again the chef we met in the back surprised us with the torta xocolata. It was like an oversized truffle with drunken pineapples on top. We came for dessert and drinks and they all delivered but it was the food and service that made us Rivera converts.

Rivera has the tag-line “Modern Latin Cuisine” but I will always think of it as the restaurant that puts flowers in their corn tortillas. The attention to detail in food, presentation, drinks and service were exceptional. On a late Sunday night, after the Oscars, I wasn’t expecting much but I was impressed. Especially after we left a brand new 4 star hotel where we heard our server say, “I sure don’t want to be here.” It was like night and day and now I am dying to return for a proper meal at the table. I see a lunch at Rivera in the very new future.

Cuisine: Latin American

Neighborhood: Downtown

1050 S Flower St #102
Los Angeles, CA 90015

(213) 749-1460

UGs Hit The Town Together and Go Green!

Like a marriage, the UG relationship has to every once in a while be rekindled. Our schedules have been insane and we have only recently seen each other for events. The two of us have not sat down for a meal in a very long time. Fortunately, things are changing as tomorrow Josie will return to the UG Global Headquarters on a regular basis but this last Friday we had a romantic dinner together with a few more couples. In this last year we have had a fantastic relationship with Fleming’s Steakhouse it started with a contest we won via Twitter and then a burger mania night. We were invited by the restaurant’s PR company, Ink Foundry, to go to their special Go Green Dinner. The concept of the dinner was “Irish hospitality with a magnificent menu in the spirit of the Emerald Isle and a treasure trove of “green” earth-friendly wines.”

Irish cheeses featuring Sage Derby &
Cahill’s Farm Cheddar and fresh fruit
LOOSEN BROS., Riesling Mosel Dr. L Germany, 2008
Organic & Sustainable
Citrus-cured Celtic Salmon on potato boxty
with chive sour cream
PARDUCCI, Sustainable White Mendocino County, 2008
Organic, Biodynamic & Sustainable
Irish-style Filet Mignon served on a deconstructed sauce
with bacon, carrots, new potatoes and thyme
CHELSEA GOLDSCHMIDT, Merlot Dry Creek Valley, 2006 Organic & Sustainable
Guinness Stout Chocolate Cake with chantilly cream
Coffee and Tea

We arrived in two cars and I had my CFO with me, I mentioned that this was going to be my first dinner just with Josie in a while and I asked her to text Josie something sweet while I was driving. When I got there we were escorted to the outdoor area of the restaurant in LA Live and were treated to cheese, Irish Soda Bread, and the most delicious Riesling.

We were laughing, tweeting, eating, and having a lovely time. Suddenly several other couples joined us outside and I realized that this was going to be a joint dinner. Perhaps it wasn’t the intimate night we were hoping for but these joint dinners are SO much fun. After cheese and wine we were escorted in to the backroom and we were seated with two other couples.

The potato boxty was delicious and for once I was jealous of Josie’s seafood allergy as she got Fleming’s delicious beef carpaccio appetizer.

We began talking to the couples at our table and they were all friends as the married couple met at the party of the engaged couple. They were the kindest people and we loved that they were Angelenos who love the Eastside/Downtown and beer. We all got lost talking tacos, Highland and Echo Park, bars, floors, and puppies. Josie and I were talking later at how much we love these dinners. They seem awkward at first and you sit with strangers but over the course of the night you have new friends. We cheered to their upcoming wedding and they cheered to our upcoming reunion in our office and our business venture.

I don’t know if my life has been sheltered but I never noticed Lent until this year. All of our interns are Catholic and I am learning so much about the sacrifice that they make, including no meat on Fridays. Our table mates that were married were the ones excited about the dinner since they were at Fleming’s for Valentine’s day. They knew the menu for the night but it wasn’t until their gorgeous medium rare Filet Mignons arrived that they realized they couldn’t eat it because it was Friday. I felt bad eating my steak in front of them but they were good sports and they got it to go declaring it would be their breakfast in the morning. I like steak a lot, but I am just not a steak ordering kind of gal. It is always a nice treat because it’s not normally something I would make or order for myself.

I also like my desserts like I like my men, fruity. However, the chocolate Guinness cake was delicious. Josie, who for years has been using cool whip and claiming it is chantilly cream, made sure the waiters brought us some of the real deal when it wasn’t on the plate. It was at this moment when I remembered how much I missed Josie and was grateful for her being the chantilly cream on the cake.

Flemings is everything and more of what a good steakhouse should be. The food was delicious and so was the wine with a zero carbon footprint. I loved the Riesling and Josie loved the Merlot.  Josie and I are both not that crazy about “green” or “organic” but when you can say that it just tastes better, we can’t argue. It was a great night of meeting new friends and reconnecting with your best friend. If you want to have this same delicious dinner head to the Woodland Hills Fleming’s this Tuesday for this same “Green” dinner, I can’t guarantee a reservation but I can guarantee great food and conversation.

Here are some more upcoming Fleming’s events:

Filet and Lobster for Two, $99 – Our New Memorable Meal
Exclusively for Friends of Fleming’s: Savor a 3-course dinner for two, featuring Filet Mignon and Australian Lobster Tail for each guest, plus appetizer, side dish and dessert. $99 for two, and also available at $49.50 for one guest. This Memorable Meal is exclusively available for Friends of Fleming’s and is not offered on our regular menu. Available through March 31st.
View menu and reserve

Easter Brunch with the Family, Sunday, April 4th
We’re opening early at 11:30 am on Easter Sunday to welcome you and your family for an exceptional meal in celebration of the holiday. It’s the perfect time to enjoy all your classic brunch favorites, including Filet Benedict, Stuffed French Toast and Smoked Ham Chop. $29.95 per guest, including appetizer and dessert. View menu

$39.95 Winter Prix Fixe Menu – Final Weeks!
Savor the bold and satisfying flavors of a 3-course dinner with three exceptional entrées to choose from: Braised Boneless Short Rib of Beef, Seared Scallops Peperonata or Roasted Half Duckling. This exclusive Fleming’s Prix Fixe menu ends March 29. View menu and reserve

Authentic Irish Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day
One night only — March 17th — we’ll be serving up a pair of cocktails that are truly worthy of an Irish toast. Our Bushmills Irish Coffee and Jameson Whiskey Sour are the latest cocktail creations by our Director of Wine, Marian Jansen op de Haar. We’ll be serving them up on St. Patrick’s Day for just $6 each. And if you take a fancy to them, you can make them at home any night with Marian’s Irish cocktail recipes.