Oh My Fudge God: John Kelly Chocolates

Truffle Fudge?!?! That is the best word combination since Uncouth Gourmands. It is the mixing of high brow and low brow and the combination is something magical. I am a strong believer that contradictions are the best complements. Take sweet and salty for example, these two things are very different but married together they are a match made in heaven. A few weeks ago we were approached by Lizzy Shaw of Lizzy Shaw PR saying that there was a chocolate place that we had to try. I had just written about my favorite cookie, the caramel sea salt french macaroon from Europane, and she said she knew of  a salted dark chocolate that had to be on the UG radar. Her enthusiasm in this chocolate was infectious and we set up a time to try these complex chocolates. The day was set for Earth Day and we knew how to get to the chocolate factory and store because she said it was near Cheebo.

I have eaten Cheebo numerous times but had sadly never been in the establishment. The orange sign and exterior was never missed as it was my favorite color and I got delivery many nights when I worked down the street. I wasn’t sure why we were having coffee first, but I wasn’t complaining. Lizzy explained that this was a great date place because the lighting inside was perfect. Josie and I took careful notes and leisurely walked to the very next building, John Kelly Chocolates. As soon as we arrived, I knew exactly why we didn’t start here.

Of course, upon entering we ran straight towards the display case and went to the samples of chocolate above. All of our senses were turned off and we simply put the fudge in our mouth and enjoyed. I started on the right side of the tray and went to the treat that I was most looking forward to, the Dark Chocolate with Grey Sea Salt. This was not the best place to start as this was the apex. It was perfect. How could it get better from that bite? This was chocolate in it’s richest and creamiest form and topped with salt that enhanced the sweetness. I still tried many other chocolates but I knew at first bite that this was my true love. Unlike my love life, this love did not waver with the more that I tasted.

After sampling a lot of chocolate, Josie and I were both not looking up or talking and were only concentrating on the chocolate in our mouths. We were in another world and when we finally snapped out of it I got out of my tunnel vision and looked beyond the sample tray. I then spotted a  toothpick tray and said, “Oh, is this how couth people eat samples?” We laughed and then we were back to reality and ready for a tour and to start listening.

We walked to the right into the mini Willy Wonka-esque chocolate factory with the owners John & Kelly. That’s right, it is two people that have combined their names. They made us laugh by explaining that they can always tell telemarketers when the ask for John Kelly on the phone. The fudge pictured above with the grey salt was my favorite and watching it being made was so cool. We saw the fudge before it was chocolate dipped, watched it get dipped and hand monogrammed with a letter P to represent that peanuts were inside. It was a whip of the chocolatier’s finger that made the “P”, Josie and I made our oohs and ahhs and we were absolutely two girls in a chocolate factory.

It was a hands on process that we were so excited to witness. The dipping stations were our favorite and as we moved on to the wrapping and packaging it was just as interesting. The dipped and cooled truffle fudge was transported and wrapped in gold foil. These wrapped pieces could then either be put in small displays for retail shops (including Neimans) or sold in their own shop only a room away.

As we circled back around to the front of the store I noticed the statues that to me were more important than Oscars. It was the coveted Gold Sofi from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, Inc. (NASFT), in the highly competitive category of “Outstanding Chocolate” for my favorite truffle fudge. Once again, unlike dating, I was able to pick a winner.

This trip to the chocolate factory was so much fun and oh so delicious. As I am sure you know, normally truffles are a gourmand dish with ganache centers. These truffle bars have the uncouth fudge center. This isn’t the waxy fudge you’ve eaten at the fair, this is homey and creamy goodness.

John and Kelly say, “Our mission is for everyone to have the same experience we had when we first tasted it – a creamy and silky revelation, with intense and luxurious chocolate flavor. If you love chocolate, we think you’ll be amazed at just how good fudge can be. Try it and you’ll see what we mean.”

We have tried it and we totally agree. This is THE Uncouth Gourmand chocolate of choice: sweet & salty, truffle & fudge, kosher & so good they should be illegal and something that we love! Thanks so much Lizzy for introducing us to this piece of deliciousness and to John & Kelly for the special tour. Although everyone is totally welcome to come to the shop, see how chocolate is made, sample, buy, and enjoy! This purple ribbon is a special for mother’s day and we can assure you that mama will be happy with this chocolate! If you are a fan of them on FB you will receive a code for 10% off to use in the store or online.

This truffle fudge will surely make you say OMFG: Oh My Fudge God!


Dining on the Edge: Dinner with Chef Keven

There’s carnal pleasure and then there’s food pleasure. I’ve never endangered my life for carnal pleasure, but for food pleasure…I do it on a daily basis.

Growing up I was deathly allergic to many things, and over the last few weeks I had gotten mild symptoms of a severe allergy. When I decided to visit my doctor he did a few tests and referred me to an allergist. Later that week, I met with the allergist; he took one look at me said, “Have you been eating shellfish?!” I admitted that my frequent visits to the SGV for Asian food had exposed me to many fish-based sauces. He told me to cut it out for my own good, but I relented. After all, I wasn’t in the hospital. It was just shellfish and I could endure the few moments of discomfort for a few moments of food pleasure. When I got my allergy test back, it said I was severely allergic to a long list of things. The most severe being: most types of seafood, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, and many others. FML. However, I will continue to eat what I want in the sake of food and I will die a king. Not very smart, but a girl has got to have her priorities in order. Such was the case at the swanky Hollywood Hills supper club that Veronica and I attended last week.

Veronica’s a  hip lady (far cooler than I) and she had a plus one to a private 5-course meal in a private home overlooking all of LA. She asked me and I jumped at the opportunity after she told me that the chef cooking was going to be the very talented Chef Keven Alan Lee of East in Hollywood.

As a woman who still, to this day, works in a busy kitchen, I admire Chef Keven’s attention to detail. His staff is disciplined and well-trained at what they set out to do. I saw the look on their faces as we ate what they had prepared for us, and they took pleasure in our pleasure. Kudos.

Below was the night’s menu:

Thai Eggplant Larb
Fried Tofu, Pickled Shallots, and Thai Peanut Sauce

Shitake Crab Poppers
Lump Crab, Garden Fresh Vegetables,
Seared & Roasted Shitake Mushrooms, Shitake Aioli

SUPER JUMBO Turkey Tofu Meatballs
Fire Roasted Tomato & White Bean Ragu

Dragon Style “Big Eye” Tuna
Thai Green Curry Rice
Dragon Torched Live

Cheven’s Signature Bread Pudding
Chololate Toffee and milk Chocolate Ganache

My favorites of the night were the Turkey meatballs, the tofu, and the bread pudding. The meatballs were obscenely fresh and soft but not as to fall apart. The tofu was fried into little adorable packets and garnished with some edible flowers.

And then there were the shitake crab poppers. I knew I’d be the one paying for it later, but its just one one of those things you have to do for yourself. So, I selfishly took a bite. It was perfection. Later that night, the taxation for my small bite was a mild swelling. That crab was worth every bit of pain. However, I think I’ll take it easy for sometime… Maybe.

Chef Keven has been asking me to shadow him and do “A Day in the Life” kind of a piece for the blog. He tells me that his day starts off at the farmer’s market, goes from town to town to find the best ingredients, and that he, a Jew, even speaks fluent Spanish. As a Latin gal, I can vouche for Kitchenese as it is actually very good. I may do the article, but I think that the cooking in the kitchen part should be left to the true professionals. After all, the rule of any good cook is to try all of the food you prepared and for me that is a deadly option.

The cocktails were also great, although maybe just as poisonous. If they’d been any stiffer, I would’ve probably woken up next to someone I didn’t know. Thank God I stopped when I did. The drinks were all mixed by Minx in Glendale. Chef Keven has recently started working with them to perfect the new Minx food menu. I will definitely have to check it out soon. Who’s in? I may even try and kill myself again for the sake of delicious food.

Flash! Lights! Oscar Sunday Parties: Los Angeles Edition

Come on, folks, don’t be lame and stay in on Oscar Sunday. You’re in the city of lights! So get dressed up, revel in the glamor, and celebrate what this city has in store for you when it comes to Oscar themed menus. To ring in the winners, the UGs will be getting all dolled up (unlike last year where we made it a point to look homeless) and will be at the the new JW Marriott at LA Live. However, if you can’t join us then here’s a list of other alternatives:

The Andaz: Carina and I could not believe we waited so long to see Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia and boy were we charmed. Equally charming is the Andaz’s amazing rooftop, which was home to Blogger Prom 2009, and the Yelp Elite Bond Party. The view overlooks the beautiful city and the restaurant atop will be serving a Julie and Julia themed menu and cocktails for two. The price is $90 for two.

Perigourdine Poached Egg (field mushrooms, foie gras, black truffle)
Lompoc Farm Leeks Vinaigrette (black truffle, fresh goat cheese, crispy applewood bacon)
Boothbay Harbor Lobster Open Ravioli
Beef Bourguignonne
Dessert: Dillon Rum Baba Jar

RH at Andaz West Hollywood, 8401 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

The Vermont: It’s in our favorite hipster neighborhood, Los Feliz. Jessica Gelt reports that Crumble Catering will be doing the 18th Annual AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party. The cost is $45 and $5 of the proceeds will go the charity. The four course will include four of the items served at Elton John’s actual Oscar party. Make ressies. Wine pairing is extra.

1714 N. Vermont Ave., Los Feliz. 323.661.6163

Elements Kitchen – Pasadena: I haven’t been, but I hope to go very soon. Sounds like a fantastic menu and is reasonably priced at $35 a head.

Eat! Drink! Sunday!
Sunday, March 7th
$35 per person

First Course
(choice of one)

Celeriac & Roasted Corn Potage

Seven Layer Salad
Green peas * Red bell pepper * Celery
Carrots * Scallions * Bacon * Cheddar * Aïoli

Main Course
(choice of one)

Braised Pork Shoulder
Bacon & chipotle baked beans
* Honey glazed corn bread
Spicy mustard greens

Olive Oil Poached Black Cod
Chive spätzle * Caraway brown butter

Butternut Ravioli
Late winter vegetables
* Beurre noisette

(choice of one)

Citrus Pavlova
Blood orange sabayon

Chocolate Lava Cake
White chocolate & pistachio filling

The London: A swanky place like The London could only serve swanky Oscar cocktails on a weekend like this. They will be pouring and shaking specialty cocktails which are named and inspired by nominated movies. They are $16 a pop.

Wherever you end up on Oscar Sunday, please know that the UG Girls love you and we don’t care that Mo’nique doesn’t shave her legs (although I can’t wait to see it in a dress).

Cupcake Challenge: Who took the Cupcake?

This past Saturday was the Nesquik Cupcake Challenge at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel thrown by our good friends at Drink-Eat-Play. I have put off writing this for the following reasons.

1. I am lazy
2. I have been waiting until the official winners are announced
3. Writing this will force me to look at a million cupcakes, something I vowed to not do for another month
4. I will have to remember all that I consumed on this fateful day

Josie was unable to attend this event due to work, so just as an FYI, I am blaming her for making me consume all of those deliciously sweet calories. Here was my experience on the day of the event.  I was planning on eating a sensible breakfast prior to arriving, but in typical Carina fashion I walked in to breakfast at 11 and asked if I could order off the lunch menu. One corned beef sandwich and french fries done and I had only three hours before the cupcake event. I drove home and napped and did 5 minutes on my treadmill pretending like that would help. I arrived at the Cupcake Challenge right at the start of the event and was handed my judging card. I thought I was important because I am a food blogger, but in true democracy my vote had the same weight as everyone else. I am all about one man and one vote. The first place I headed when I entered was the Polkadots cupcake stand. I wanted this for several reason. First, they won last years event and I wanted to support a local Pasadena store. Furthermore, I have tried to try their cupcakes numerous times and they are always closed when my sweet tooth acts up. They had a beautiful display and I finally got to see one of their famous cupcake cakes. Yup, these are all made of individual cupcakes.

The first cupcake I had of the day was the Lucky Charm, which was a perfectly moist pistachio cupcake. The other cupcakes devoured were a blur but there were some major highlights and I have decided to give unusual awards to mix up the challenge a bit. The most beautiful cupcake that unfortunately didn’t have the taste to match was the Salted Carmel from Tavern Restaurant, it was dusted with gold and a homemade macaroon was placed on top.

Another favorite of mine was the creative booze filled cupcakes from Speakeasy Sweets. They had an Amaretto Sour and an Irish Car Bomb cupcake. I am not crazy about either drink but I love the cupcake creativity and, well, everything is better with some hooch.

The best dressed cupcake server award went to the cute girls at Friandise Pastries.

My favorite cupcake display hands down went to Two Parts Sugar and I found it hilarious that they did a Naughty and Nice display and that a few hours in only the nice remained. Is this really the City of Angels?

Taste wise there were three cupcakes that absolutely blew (blue) me away. The first two were from the same bakery called Blue Cupcake. They had a Sweet & Salty Vanilla and a Pumpkin cupcake that had pumpkin bread stuffed with pumpkin mouse, cream cheese frosting, and topped with a toasted pumpkin seed brittle. I asked if Blue Cupcake had an actual store and apparently at the moment they are only serving at Farmers Markets.  The thing that sold me on both of the cupcakes submitted by Blue Cupcake was that the cupcake consistency, it was not too wet and not too dry. My other favorite was the last cupcake I tried, it was rose petal by Sugar Bliss Sweets in Santa Barbara. The actual cupcake was infused with rose water but it was this frosting that knocked my cupcake top off, it was perfection.

As you can see from my ballot those were all of my winners. Blue Cupcake’s Sweet & Salty vanilla for best traditional and they also took the cupcake on my judging for their Pumpkin cupcake in best original and the Rose Petal cupcake was the best overall.

The official results of the Cupcake Challenge are as followed:

Best Traditional
1st Place:  Big Man Bakes “Red Velvet”
2nd Place:  Blue Cupcake “Sweet and Salty Vanilla”
3rd Place:  Southern Girl Desserts “Red Velvet”

Best Original
1st Place:  My Delight Cupcaker “Breakfast Cake”
2nd Place:  Jus Minis “Caramel Banana”
3rd Place:  Two Parts Sugar “Chocolate Covered Strawberry”

Best Overall
1st Place:  Jus Minis “Caramel Banana”
2nd Place:  My Delight Cupcaker “Breakfast Cake”
3rd Place:  Two Parts Sugar “Chocolate Covered Strawberry”

I don’t want to disagree with the consensus but most people came in with their own cupcake tupperwares and boxes and grabbed one of each and exhibited something I don’t know a lot about, self-control. I am just saying that some people’s cupcakes looked like the main picture, placed beautifully into a box and consumed in a leisurely manner. That was not the case with me. I took instant bites and made this kind of a mess. Whatever, I am uncouth.

I know I am complaining about calories and too much sugar, but in all honesty it was a sinfully sweet time. I owe a big thanks to The Minty for being my cupcake sampling partner. I don’t have our official digital photobooth pictures but here is my picture from the picture.

Also, I want to give a big thank you to Drink-Eat-Play and to Quick. I have been referring to Quik the bunny as my new boyfriend. What’s so crazy about that? He is tall, dark, and handsome and goes at it like a rabbit. I would continue but this reminds me too much of that Funny Bunny Friday.

Thursday is the New Friday: Round-Up

I once wore a makeshift tee to My Last Bite’s party that read, “Broke is the New Black” but now I am coining, “Thursday is the New Friday.” What has come of the world? Commoners, like us, are now partying like rock stars during the week?! Sadly, with the unemployment rate at over 9% nationally and over 12% in California, there are quite a few unemployed folks out and about spending their money on booze. Did you know that during a recession, alcohol is one of only a few goods that experiences a rise in sales?! And with “Happy hour being the new dinner,”  (Carina’s  line) you just can’t resist shaking your chonies and forgetting about the present economic climate. When in Rome…

Here’s a few things that the UG Girls will be up to this Thursday:

1. Checker’s happy hour: Because it’s the “best happy hour you didn’t know about” and because the food always exceeds our expectations, we continue to frequent it almost weekly. It’s in our favorite neighborhood, downtown, and at $4 a plate and $4 for drinks, it’s really a deal you can’t resist. The only drawback is that service is a bit slow. But think about it: The food and drinks are far beyond your expectations, which logically, will take longer and you’re in a classy spot. Go in and entertain yourself with friends, order a drink, and have fun. If you’re bothered by the amount of time it takes to get your food and drink, then maybe you should consider your company. Chances are, if you’re bored, that’s probably why. Below are this week’s menu themes. We’ll be there early so join our digital entourage and join us out for a drink. Let’s celebrate my (Josie) newly unemployed status – well, in two weeks. Unemployed that is, by choice!

Below is the menu:

Cocktails will feature VOX VODKA (www.voxvodka.com/).  Meticulously crafted in The Netherlands from the finest wheat grain selected for its subtle undertones, VOX is distilled five times to ensure ultimate smoothness, and there is an undeniable cleanness to the finish.

This week’s featured cocktails will be:

  • LIMONCELLO BRAMBLE – A martini of Vox Vodka, Limoncello, blackberry puree, and fresh lemon juice.  From the mind of our own bartender, Violet!
  • RED CHECKER – Vox Vodka, St Germain elderflower liqueur, muddled raspberries, and lemon juice, with a hint of orange bitters
  • MOSCOW MULE – Vox Vodka, fresh lime juice, fresh ginger juice, and ginger beer.  “Moscow” for the vodka; “Mule” for the kick of ginger!
  • VESPER MARTINI – James Bond’s change-of-pace: Tanqueray Gin, Vox Vodka, Golden Lillet, and a twist of lemon.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesper_cocktail)

Of course, no FOUR event would be complete without the palate-pleasing creations of Chef Todd Allison – and this week is no exception!  This week’s featured dishes are:

  • VICHYSSOISE with house-made taro chips
  • OLIVE OIL POACHED AHI, with cannelloni bean and basil pesto ragout, and red onion pickles
  • SHORTRIB GRILLED CHEESE with sautéed onion, baby arugula, and a stone-ground mustard sauce
  • CONFIT OF ARTICHOKE HEARTS, with lemon zest and shaved mizithra cheese

2. Drago Centro happy hour: At some point in the night, I am having cocktails with a friend at Drago. We can stop in anytime because the Drago happy hour menu lasts ALL day! The staff goes out of their way to be accommodating and if there at the right hour, you can catch many downtown singles in the bar area.

3. Surly Goat: Carina has it in her mind that along with being Yelp Elite she also wants to be a Citysearch Dictator. Therefore she will be hitting up the first CitysearchLA event at L.A.’s newest premier beer bar.

4. Roller Derby at the Echoplex: I may or may not attend the roller derby shindig but you’ll surely see Carina there because she loves it; she pleads me to go every month. I’m not a good skater so I’m a little intimidated by the rough gals who can not only kick the crap out of me, but will be drinking as well. Below are specifics. And if you’re lucky, you may just catch a couple UG girls there.




Disco Tunes provided by: THEE MIKE B & MORSE CODE

21+ (big kids only)
$5 with RSVP, $10 at the door
To RSVP, please visit www.downandderby.org.

$5 skate rental, or bring your own.

The Echoplex is located at 1154 Glendale Blvd in Los Angeles, California (main entrance is through the alley).

GUYS: knee high tube socks, neon tanktops, headbands, wristbands, fros and flat tops
GIRLS: thighs of steel on two inch wheels with short shorts to seal the deal

Stir It 28: A Stirring Success!

Last night in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles groups of food bloggers rallied together in effort to raise some money and relief for Haiti. I am not sure how the other events went but I will say that the Los Angeles event was spectacular! Josie was in San Diego for her aunt’s baby shower so I knew I would be flying solo at this event. Many of the food bloggers would be contributing two dishes, but without my other half I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. It is a good thing I just offered to be an event volunteer because after my sugar coma from judging the Cupcake Challenge the day before and a week of late nights, I would have never been able to keep my eyes open to cook edible food. Out of all of the Stir It 28 events the Los Angeles one was the only one that took place in a private residence…and what a private residence it was. I arrived a little after 3 to a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills. There was valet for guests so I parked down the street and entered the home. The home was offered for the fundraiser by a fellow food blogger, Greg of Sippity Sup. It was a perfect party house with a beautiful kitchen. When I walked in I saw DianaTakesABite, GastronomyBlog, LAOCFoodie, and some other friends preparing their dishes in the kitchen. Since I didn’t bring a dish I found the organizer Chrystal from DuoDishes and asked her what I could help with. She explained to me that Nastassia from LetMeEatCake was unable to attend due to work so asked if I could plate her food and pass it out in the first shift. I happily took on this role because her food was beautiful. She made tabbouleh and S’mores bars. I put her sticker on the platter and when Diana told me I looked enough like Natassia I just decided to play her for the night.

We passed out food to all of the guests and I was impressed to see my Blogger Prom favorites: The Liquid Muse was there with incredible Grey Goose Vodka cocktails she created and so was the one and only Cheese Impersario. After H.C. and I were done passing food we grabbed some cheese and a cocktail and had a blast. He ordered the Celery Delight with Grey Goose Le Citron, celery, cilantro, lime juice, and simple syrup. Trust me, this later became my drink of the night. By the way, in the final cocktail picture, hand model credit goes to H.C. (LAOCFoodie).

Even though I was a volunteer I still got to sample some tasty treats made by my fellow food bloggers. Diana Takes a Bite made tuna bouchans with a lemon parsley dressing that we all went nuts over. She also was my hero of the night as she was not tempted by all the chocolate sweets. She had given it up for lent and even though she was surrounded by desserts she withheld. Can you imagine, a food blogger with self-control? Who would have thunk it?

Aside from seeing all my favorites in the LA food blogging world, I also made some new friends. One of these new friends was a girl that I knew only by her Bacon Brownies that I sampled at Eat My Blog. Her name is Domestic Divas and she brought her same delicious brownies to this event along with what she referred to as white trash egg salad. This egg salad was combined with bacon, stuffed in a mini pita, and topped with a cocktail olive.

The Domestic Diva and I worked the sign-in table together and instantly became friends over talks of food, literature, Hillary Clinton, and astrology. We sold raffle tickets and then later set up the gift bags. It was a fantastic night. Delicious food and drinks were served, money was raised for a good cause, and new friendships were made. If you were unable to attend the event, have no fear, you can still donate to the Stir It 28 cause until the end of the month. All you have to do is visit Flanboyant Eats or Coco Cooks and click the Paypal donate button.

Whenever I am involved in blogger events I am always impressed by everyone’s  ingenuity, spirit, and ability to put on fantastic events. It is a group that I am so proud to be a member of and I can’t wait for the next Eat My Blog and Blogger Prom! Congratulations Stir It 28 on a fantastic night and as Chrystal from Duo Dishes put it, WOW!

Stir It Up: Help for Haiti

If you saw our February event calendar, we overlooked one important event that has just been brought to our attention. Josie and I often proclaim that we are women of charity, but the truth of the matter is that we always have the feeling that we want to do more and that we can’t do enough. This event that we heard of is called Stir It 28 and it is alliance of food bloggers trying to bring relief to Haiti. I got several pleads from my Jewish mother to adopt a Haitian baby but helping in this way seems far more logical and realistic. Here are all of the fantastic details and simple way that you can help:

STIR IT 28 is 3-part fund-raising effort to help in the relief of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, leaving thousands dead. 3 food bloggers have come together to bring awareness and raise money for the island! On Feb. 21st, 4 cities will host an evening of culinary adventures, featuring food from chefs, restaurants and food bloggers in each city!

100% of money raised goes directly to YELE & Share Our Strength. They have accepted our campaign & are helping us get the word out!

Part I. Feb. 21st Culinary Evening Celebrating Life & Hope

Atlanta: Space Atlanta – Eat Drink Enjoy
1310 White Street, Atlanta, GA 30310. 4-7 pm. DJ Rev Lee spins music and special surprise guest appearance by local performer that will electrify you! Complimentary wine by Montaluce Winery. Cash bar. $30 in advance; $40 at the door.

LA: Private LA Residence located at
6602 Cahuenga Terrace, Los Angeles, CA, 90068. 4-7 pm. Complimentary Valet parking to 1st 50 guests. $30 in advance; $35 at the door.

Chicago: Three Peas Art Lounge
75 E. 16th Street (Between Michigan and Wabash)
Chicago, IL 60616. 4-7 pm. $30 in advance; $35 at the door.
*cash bar & delicious cupcakes for sale

Houston: Private Residence in Walden on Lake Houston
8810 Rolling Rapids Road, Humble, Texas 77346. 4-7pm. $30 in advance. No tickets sold at the door.
Houston Artist Shae will drop in to sing a song and other surprise guest performances, including Bound 4 Glory Records Recording Artists

Wash. DC: Event details coming soon!

Part II. Month-Long Donations!

If you can’t participate or attend the Feb. 21st event, consider donating in any denomination. Donations are being accepted all month long, beginning Feb. 21st. Paypal donation to stirit28@gmail.com.

Part III. One. Comment. One Eats.

If you’re a food blogger, we’re inviting you to participate in Bren’s hunger campaign called “Hunger Lives No More: One Comment. One Eats.” For each comment left on the 1st post of February, we ask that you donate ONE food item to Share Our Strength. We are coordinating with SOS on getting all donated food to Haiti. If you participate, email bren at flanboyanteats dot com and you will receive a badge to place on your blog indicating that “You Gave.”

Let’s STIR IT!!!

We will be participating in the event and if you are interested in helping out, our L.A. contact person is Chrystal of Duo Dishes. If you would like to purchase tickets in advance  (highly recommended)  visit either Flanboyant Eats or Coco Cooks and click the Stir It 28 logo at the top of their pages.  It will take you straight to the Paypal site to purchase the $30 space.

I want to give a huge shout out to Greg of SippitySup for offering his house for the event. The devastion in Haiti is massive but this is a small, easy, and tasty way that you can help. I am not a big Bob Marley fan, probably because I am from Santa Cruz and it seems like everyone I grew up with idolizes him with the initiation of their first joint. Anyway, I love Wyclef and if he loves Bob Marley, well then Bob is good enough for me…Plus I love the Stir It Up message.