ProjectConnect: UG Girls are Giving Away 4 Tickets

Alright, this photo isn’t exactly the best representation of ProjectConnect, but hey it works. Plus we have a really fantastic event and opportunity to tell you about so we might as well use flirtation tactics. What is a flirtation tactic using social media to really connect? Funny you should ask, we have an event that you must attend to learn all about this and more. We have partnered with Social Bling on this experminental event that will take place tomorrow. Here is the official FB event page with all the naughty little details that I will also include here in case you aren’t ready to click yet.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
7:00pm – 10:00pm
920 Santa Monica Blvd (free street parking)
Santa Monica, CA

7:00 – 7:30 – Check-in, general networking
7:30 –7:50 – Social Experiment kickoff and presentation from Sponsors.
8:00 – 8:45 – Social Challenge
9:00 – 10:00 – Results and Honorably Mentions.

SocialBling present ProjectConnect, An interactive social experiment using social media to inspire real life activities and connections.

Tools (suggested, not required): Web-enabled phones connected to your social networks, persuasion/flirtation skills and a readiness to meet new people and have great time.

Why? – Because having fun while expanding your cerebral and emotional intelligence sounds like a good way to spend a Tuesday night.

Cost: $25
For tickets –
(preregistration required, no tickets sold at door)

We will, of course, be at the event and we have a special surprise planned in the Social Challenge section if you, attendees, can break our code. You won’t know about this surprise unless you come and if you want to come then you must buy a ticket. Although there is another way…you can win a ticket for you and your friend to the event. We are giving away two pairs of tickets by 5pm today, April 16th. All you have to do is:

Send us your most Uncouth Gourmand moment in a Tweet (@uncouthgourmand) or as a comment on here in 140 characters or less by 4:59pm today.

Josie’s example: @uncouthgourmand my most UG moment was when I put my hands in Carina’s drawn lobster butter with lemon slices thinking it was a water dish  (True Story: happened at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant in London)

Carina’s example: @uncouthgourmand while discussing how much I like penetrating the straw in the boba cup, I dropped the entire drink with  boba down my shirt

Good luck and we hope to see you tomorrow! Even if you don’t win you can still be a winner (as opposed to a loser) by buying your ticket here by 3pm tomorrow.


Getting Our Naan On

Uncouth Gourmands Cabo Cantina

What up, uncouthies? I bet you didn’t think you would see another post up so quickly but the UG girls have been blogging feigns. Like low self-esteemed abused women we are addicted to hits. I kid, I’ve actually read every book on feminism ever written but that doesn’t stop me from wanting attention from internet stalkers like yourself. Now that my Tivo is set to record the Rihanna interview on 20/20 I can move forward with the post.

We began Monday with ribs and southern food. The amazing Dan of Drink, Eat, Play was kind enough to spend his birthday eve with us at Baby Blues BBQ. Dan is similar to me in the fact that his birthday is a month long celebration. He already had the 80s Party Bus and he is lasting until his Speakeasy event this Saturday. Our dining experience wasn’t off to a great start as they refused to sit us girls because Dan had yet to arrive. The place had a ton of empty seats and this made them lose some UG points right off the bat. Who wants to stand when you can sit?

Baby Blues BBQ

brisket, sweet potato mash, mac n cheese


Dan was the only one that was good and ordered chicken breasts, rice, and beans. I, Carina, went with brisket, mashed sweet potatoes, and mac n cheese. Josie went all out with 1/2 beef ribs and 1/2 pork ribs with mac n cheese and collard greens.  The food won us over but I must say that the sides were the stars of the plate. The mac n cheese was among the best we have had. The meat was decent but we all know that Los Angeles isn’t famous for BBQ.

Viper Room

The next day was Tuesday and it was the day when Peter, aka Mr. My Last Bite, was playing with his band, Rubylith, at the Viper Room. Josie was exhausted from the beating she took in getting us the highest number of website hits so she wasn’t up for the trek to Hollywood and her wallet couldn’t endure a $7 Corona. I went solo, which felt sort of odd as Josie and I are one person in the FFB (famous food bloggers) arena. It was funny because one of the first people I saw was Krissy Lefebvre, who is always with her French chef husband, Ludo. Her twitter name is even FrenchChefWife, atleast she has her own Twitter mine is shared with Josie. It was good getting the behind the scenes scoop about LudoBites reopening in December. It’s all very exciting! Peter’s band was just as exciting and my favorite part of the night was listening him dedicate Tom Petty’s “American Girl” to his lovely wife, My Last Bite, when she first came to America. It was beyond touching! It was also a thrill to see The Delicious, the girl who while still being too young to be a cougar still offers me tricks of the trade. It was funny because when her photographer friend asked if we wanted another shot we both immediately thought Patron instead of his intention, which was another photograph.

LA food bloggers: Uncouth Gourmand, The Delicious, My Last Bite

The next day was Wednesday and that sweet British boy that I met at Barbarella Bar and later with Frenchy asked me for drinks in Santa Monica. Josie and I had another tiresome day of working to get eyes to our site and had an Indian feast to celebrate. It was my first time at India’s Flavor but Josie had talked so much about it that I was sure I was going to be in for a real treat. The restaurant is located very near our Uncouth Gourmands global headquarters in Montrose so it was an easy sell for me. We ordered very basic Indian staples and all was great but the real winner was the garlic naan….Let’s just say we got our naan on! It is a tiny establishment where you get to see the husband and wife owners interact and you get a private kitchen tour on the way to the bathroom. It was absolutely charming and being so close to your table neighbors made for a great interaction. As I was perusing the menu something peaked my interest and I said rather quietly, “I wish I would have ordered that” and all of the sudden two people were at our table asking if we wanted to change the order and reassuring us that it wasn’t too late. That kind of intimacy and attention is something only a small place can provide.

India's flavor

After our feast I was ready to head for drinks and Josie had the genius idea to come along as a translator. Those British accents are hard to understand. In fact, the whole time we were in London we would ask people, “Can you please speak English? We can’t understand you.” They would always respond, “I am speaking English, shall I speak the Queen’s English?” It was pretty ridiculous. The guy that was the best man at the wedding that we catered also joined us for drinks at Cabo Cantina. When ordering drinks we were good, I asked for a watermelon margarita and Josie asked for a Corona. The waitress asked if I wanted a small or a large, and said if I was going to get a small than I would probably want two and it made more sense to get a large. I figured that made logical sense. She told Josie that they only had very big Coronas, although apparently you could get an average size Corona Light. I understand upsells and was fine with that but I was shocked when we got our drinks. It seemed like something that was made for a giant. Somehow our dates had normal size drinks, go figure!

enormous drinks

At the end of the night I realized that my manly margarita contained 3.5 shots of Patron. I have always been a fan of the old adage: one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor! Thankfully, I was just at 3 1/2. Josie dropped me off and I fell fast asleep until she called me only 30 minutes later to tell me that we, once again, had a record high day of hits here at I was thrilled but confused. She said I sounded like I had been sleeping for 7 years and I was wondering why my mouth tasted like corn and then I remembered that we grabbed tortilla chips at the gas station only 40 minutes earlier. Oh well, what do you expect on a week were you get your naan on in the first half?