UG V-Day Dinner


Believe it or not, we actually had dates they were just camera shy. While we realize that Valentine’s Day was almost a month ago, we are just getting around to posting this now because Miss Josie was trying to keep an intruder out of her laptop so she set up a password. The problem was that she decided to do this after a couple of glasses of wine and had no way of getting back into her iphoto on her laptop. I also wanted to post this today, as my boyfriend just left on his second stint of European travel and today marks our 6 month anniversary. In fact, I just sent a text that said, “Thanks for making it to month six with my cervix” Vulgar? Most definitely. Funny? Somewhat.

So the day before Valentine’s Day, V-Day Eve, Josie and I sent out an email that said:

Dear Friends and Lovers,

We hope you can join us for 5 courses of good food and fun at the Uncouth Gourmands 1st Annual Valentine’s Day Dinner.

It will take place at 8pm sharp at Josie’s residence

Please see the enclosed menu and we look forward to your attendance.


Carina and Josie


uglogosquarevalentine’s day 5 course menu
josie’s residence

course 1
ruby slip cocktail

course 2
warm artichoke dip served with braised cherry tomatoes on vine

bouquet of assorted appetizers

course 3
arugula, hearts of palm, basil, pomegranate seeds, blood orange segments
and blood orange vinaigrette

course 4
seared pork chop with pomegranate wine sauce
served on a bed of creamy polenta and sautéed swiss chard
and braised tomatoes

course 5
poached peaches with lingonberry
served with crème anglaise

Course 1: Aperitif

Apparently, Josie spent nearly 2 hours and a bag full of lemons making homemade Lemoncello for our Ruby Slip Cocktails. It was worth it, they were beauties with flickering lights and rock candy stirrers.

img_03791img_0367img_0370img_0376Course 2

Artichoke dip and bouquet of appetizers included: bacon wrapped shrimp, crab cakes, cheese stuffed grilled and marinated veggies

img_0380img_0382Course 3

The salad was phenomenal and it was very smart of Josie to add Buratta and heart shaped crutons at the last minute.

img_0387img_0389Course 4:

I am far more of a visionary than a cook but thank god I have Josie. While menu planning the day before I said that we should do scalloped potatoes in the shape of a heart. Josie almost choked on her Frappacino and said, “Do you know how much work that is?” We removed it from the menu but when I arrived at her house it was done; perfectly layered and in the shape of a heart.

Course 5

If my memory serves me correctly, Josie and I were the only ones to make it to the 5th course. We are champs.


As much as I love the man in my life, his eating ability just doesn’t compare to that of my eating partner, friend, and business partner. Whenever I make food for him I always drop in, “Josie would have seconds”. Jewish Guilt? Yes, but also an admiration for my friend. Swear to god: my mom said in her wedding vow to my stepdad, “I promise to stop pushing food on you”. I would never make such a vow.

Looking forward to some Girls’ Night Out nights, sleepovers, and tons of eating in the upcoming month. Be sure to follow us and our adventures on


Also we were very excited to be mentioned in both Eating LA and the Los Angeles Times Daily Dish blog this week. Good things and good times are ahead for the UG ladies!


Love is in the Air and Food is in the Belly


After last Saturday’s long night out on the town we were ready to do a mellow V-Day. The UG ladies were put to shame on the dance floor when only my BF could work the stripper pole. Yup, this was the night when you may have received our blog address on a napkin at Barneys Beanery.

Josie and I decided only a few days before Valentine’s Day to have our first annual UG V-Day Dinner. This means that the day before, Feb 13th, we sat at Starbucks and planned a 5-course menu. We tried to be clever and cutesy in adding things like hearts of palm, artichoke heart dip, special ruby slip cocktails, blood oranges, and scalloped potatoes and croûtons in the shape of the heart.

It was a great concept except it was way too much food for the amount of people, it was last minute, and feeling like a stuffed piggy doesn’t make you feel oh-so-romantic.

Oh well, it was delicious and food always comes first!

Pictures and our menu will follow.

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