The Birth


Once upon a midnight snack, the UGs fatefully came together during their university studies in entrepreneurship when, despite not really knowing each other, they decided (via Facebook) to take a chance on each other and trek to Europe  after a study abroad trip was canceled.  They planned their trip via email, had one drink the night before, and boarded a British Airways flight. It was in Europe where they discovered their mutual love of meeting new people and eating great food. Whether it was a $500 squab in Monaco or 4AM doner kabobs, they realized that the key to a great meal was playfulness. It was on the trains in Europe where their baby Uncouth Gourmands was born.

After returning to the States, the UGs took their love of technology and started a blog where they recant life’s “awkward turtle” and uncouth moments that arise from being young, passionate urbanites that date, drink, and eat in the big city. Through their website they’ve made a ton of foodie friends and are recognized throughout the town by many twitter and Facebook devotees. The adventures of the Uncouth Gourmands are always changing, future uncouthies are coming on aboard, are you?



  1. As a former traveler on the trains of Europe, I am heartily in support of all that transpires there. Particularly the Australian ex-model who shared a compartment with me from Berlin to Prague. Good times.

  2. I am impressed by both of yours beginning. Hope for many more to come!

  3. Oh how It was back in those early days.

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