St Patty’s Day


Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable St. Patty’s Day. The UG ladies spent the evening doing our civic duty and questioned a candidate exploring a gubernatorial run in California. Okay, and there is the fact that one of Carina’s goals in life is to marry a politician and this one happens to be la creme de la creme in the looks and intelligence department. We headed to Santa Monica High to see Gavin Newsom (current Mayor of SF) in a Town Hall meeting, because of traffic we got there just in the nick of time. As UGs we finagled our way to the front and made sure we were in the Mayor’s eye-line. We were and were surprised by the wrinkles in his suit, not good for a “metrosexual” as Seacrest called him this morning, “Hi pot, meet kettle”.


It was an interesting night and we liked hearing more about the Alice Waters garden that was mentioned on 60 Minutes last week and marriage equality. Oh, want to hear something ironic? Gavin was introduced by Santa Monica City Councilman, Bobby Shriver, who is the brother in law of the current Governator. Unfortunately, we were not chosen to ask a question, as Josie said, “Liza Minnelli beat us to it”. However, our question would have been, “As two young budding entrepreneurs in California, that our discouraged about raising capital for our company, Uncouth Gourmands, what advice or help could you offer?”

I am a regular at political events so as soon as it was over I grabbed Josie and had her follow me so we could quickly get a picture. It was a little more chaotic then most, as everyone was busy sharing their ideas for the homeless, asking about rent control, and other important issues. We just wanted a picture. Josie smartly said, “Pinch him, he isn’t wearing green”. He heard it and laughed, and grabbed my arm but wasn’t quite ready to turn around. After about ten minutes Josie said, “Less butt time, more face time”. I wasn’t complaining. When he finally turned around I said, “Take a picture with the young entrepreneurs of California” he did and we were glad. We left right afterwards, grabbed carrots and water and walked to the parking garage. Josie fell off the sidewalk and when the guys behind us asked her if she was okay she said, “Yes, I just haven’t hadn’t had a drink yet and my body is in shock because it knows this is a holiday”.

We headed to Los Feliz to stop by Tam O’Shatner’s which was packed. There was a tent event with live music, drinks, and food. It was a little overwhelming and we left after a picture with the man in the kilt outside.


We walked to Big Foot Lodge and as we were walking in a little person who was intoxicated was walking out. Josie was telling a friend about it later and said, “We just saw a leprechaun”. When he corrected her using the politically correct LP term she said, “It is St. Patty’s Day, it’s a leprechaun.” We also saw a man in green passed out in front of a tree in front of Del Taco and said, “Drive home, you’re too drunk to walk”.

It was a silly night and we ended up at the Griffin. They were running out of beer and they closed their kitchen at 10 and Carina was not happy. I tried to go to Tam O’Shatner’s to grab corned beef and cabbage to go but they only were taking cash and it was $16 (when I had $8 in cash) and then I had to figure out how to sneak it back into the Griffin. I gave up, we called it an early night.

Not a total wild night but it was fun. It definitely doesn’t top Josie stealing the taxi last year.

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  1. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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